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BOTTING in wot IS LEGAL. 5 years late… bot is still ACTIVE

WorldofTanks2 - BOTTING in wot IS LEGAL. 5 years late... bot is still ACTIVE

A long time ago (2014) i saw a bot in-game. It was as obvious as it could get. Back then i even bothered to save the replay!

Now one could argue "hey, his account is from 2014, he might was a 100% noob!"

So 5 years later, the child/ or any moron for that matter, would have 'grown'… right? IF not to be a pro, one would assume he would be able to hit the side of a barn… basic stuff. Do 3-500 dmg per battle at the VERY least. In fact… do 3-500 dmg every couple of battles would do just fine!

Lets seeeeee….

Last battle: 31.10.2019. (so he IS STILL ACTIVE) annnnndddd…..

His Wn8 is 152 by 44.61%wr << does less than 100 damage every couple of battles! IF even that!

His favorite tanks are tier 5+6… he spend 10k games in those, like any normal person would… (hahah jk)

Now, why would wargaming not ban this obvious bot?

Let's take a lookt at his – oops! There it is: ScropionG (40€) 1 battle. Elc Even (30€?) 8 battles!

EDIT: i was just reminded. THOSE MIGHT BE RENTALS… so paying up wg is optional! XD


I say it loud and clear and you just saw it is the truth:

As long as you pay a few bucks… ONCE… you will not ever- ever- ever be banned, no matter how obvious you do it… no matter how many reports you… no matter if people like me send in replays and tell support… nothing- will – ever- happen…

And those "ban waves" they claim to make is for those few bots which are not active or didn't pay up. Lets face it: just the ones which didn't spend at least 10$ on the game.

You can now feel free to provide links for cheats. Gold codes from china. If you want to sell your EBAY ACCOUNT… just link it. Its fine. Just make sure you bought the smallest gold packet in 2014 (once) …

(not like they can detect you. the "report" button is just that, a button without function… window dressing. Their "efforts" are lip service and the numbers they release are too: just that… numbers, without accounts attached to them.

Kinda funny if you imagine this level of ignorance in real life:

If wargaming was the police and you shot a guy in the face they be like "you should not do that, i guess?… but you pay taxes so…" -and then they just stare blankly at you as you wander off… and shoot another person in the face.



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