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British Tech Tree Proposal: Light/Medium High-Tier Branch

WorldofTanks4 - British Tech Tree Proposal: Light/Medium High-Tier Branch

Part of a series on British Light Tanks, including scout tanks.

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In addition to the tracked LTs, there are some vehicles that can be used to make a high-tier branch of vehicles. Although I've seen many proposals that incorporate these vehicles, but to my knowledge, only ThatTrafficCone (aka
RazgrizS57 - British Tech Tree Proposal: Light/Medium High-Tier Branch

/u/RazgrizS57) considered having them as a separate LT/MT high-tier branch. I picked slightly different tanks than he did, but the concept is the same. Why do this instead of having these Vickers MBT prototypes in the main LT line?
  1. Because I can.
  2. Other than the tier 8, these don't play like scout tanks, and I want there to be high-tier British LT scouts.
  3. There aren't enough good LT/MT hybrid vehicles in the high tiers.

This branches off of my scout tanks, so check out that post for more context!

Table of Contents

Line Summary

Problems with the Line

Light/Medium Branch
Tier 8: Vickers 24t
Tier 9: Vickers 40t
Tier 10: Vickers Mk. 3


Line Summary

I envision this line as being a LT/MT hybrid line, composed of vehicles that borrow characteristics from both classes: the light armor and high mobility of lights, with the firepower of mediums. There are currently three such branches in the game: the AMX 30 B line, the B-C 25 t line, and the Leopard 1 line. The Batchats are unique vehicles, and the Leopards kinda suck, leaving us with the AMX 30s. They both have excellent mobility, halfway decent turret armor, and guns which have excellent DPM, subpar penetration, and average or below-average everything else. This leaves plenty of room for a similar kind of vehicle, but with a different gun. These Vickers tanks would have excellent mobility, halfway decent turret armor (depending on the vehicle), and a gun with poor DPM, subpar penetration, but average or above-average everything else. This also leaves plenty of room for the Leopard 1 to be buffed, as it would have a significantly better gun in certain respects.

The tier 8 is an LT, whereas the tier 9 and 10 are labeled as MTs, in consideration of their greater weight and because I don't want them to have the moving camo bonus of LTs. However, they all play similarly to one another.

Problems with the Line

This line is chronological.

This line fits the game's timeline. The tier 10 was developed in 1975, which just barely fits. I could have picked the Vickers Mk 1 as the tier 10, but I went for the Mk 3 so it wouldn't look nearly identical to the tier 9.

The vehicle configurations are historical, except for the engines. This is in line with both high-tier British MTs and high-tier LTs in general, which all have non-historical engine options.

The line has one paper tank, the tier 8. Of the vehicles, 2 were mass-produced and 1 was blueprint-only.

Tier 8: Vickers No. 45569 T

Nickname: Vickers 24t

Class: Light Tank. Branches off of the Vickers 13t, and optionally off of the Comet.


Image (artist depiction)

History: In the 1950s, Vickers decided to design a series of vehicles which shared some similarities with the Centurion but were lighter and cheaper, for the export market. In 1960, they completed their design for a vehicle which equipped the same
Ordnance QF 20 pounder - British Tech Tree Proposal: Light/Medium High-Tier Branch

QF 20-pounder used by the Centurion in a vehicle weighing half as much. This was largely achieved by making the armor substantially thinner. In addition to its 83.4mm armament, it was also equipped with 8 Vigiliant anti-tank guided missiles. No vehicles were ever built.

Stats: The vehicle, as the nickname suggests, weighed 24 tons. Its 530hp engine gave it a P/W ratio of around 22 hp/t. I don't have access to any more stats, sorry. All of my information is from AFV Weapons Profile No. 45: Vickers Battle Tank, by R. M. Ogorkiewicz (1973).


In-game: This would basically be a lightweight Centurion I. It would have a slightly better top speed (55 km/h), better acceleration (~20 hp/t), and better hull traverse (~50 deg/s). It would get the same 20pdr, with slightly better gun handling but much worse accuracy, 0.38 at the best. In exchange for all this, the armor is completely useless. It occupies a niche between LTs and MTs, having superior firepower to any tier 8 LT but worse mobility. It would have the worst camo of all the LTs, but not by a lot.

Tier 9: Vickers No. 46200 T

Nickname: Vickers 40t

Class: Medium Tank

Mass-produced, over 1,600 vehicles total


History: Continuing from their previous design, Vickers realized that an 83.4mm gun would be insufficient, so in 1961 they designed a new version which equipped a 105mm gun. Between this and the doubling of the armor, the weight increased to 40 tons. This design intrigued the Indian Government, who made an agreement with Vickers in 1961 for Vickers to complete the design and help build a factory in India to produce it. Two prototypes were built, one of which was sent to India and the other kept in England. The Indian-produced version began production in 1965 under the name "
Vijayanta - British Tech Tree Proposal: Light/Medium High-Tier Branch


For more information on the Vijayanta, you can also read
this article.

Stats: This vehicle had a 4-man crew. Unsurprisingly, the vehicle weighed 40 tons. It had a top speed of 50 km/h, a 535hp Leyland L60 diesel engine, and a P/W ratio of 13.4 hp/t. Armor was up to 80mm thick. It equipped the
Royal Ordnance L7 - British Tech Tree Proposal: Light/Medium High-Tier Branch

105mm L7A1. The related Vickers No. 51025 T is basically the same vehicle but weighing ~38 tons, accomplished by making the gun lighter.

In-game: First, we need to give it a new engine – how about the 950hp Rolls-Royce Griffon used by the Centurion 7/1? This would give it a P/W ratio of 25 hp/t, which will be enhanced with excellent terrain resistances. The top speed could also be buffed to 60 km/h. We can give this the same gun as the Centurion 7/1, again with slightly better gun handling but noticeably worse accuracy (0.36 this time). As before, these mobility buffs are compensated for by the fundamental lack of armor. Despite now being a MT, this would have pretty good camo for its size.

Tier 10: Vickers Mk. 3

Nickname: Vickers 3 (or Vickers MBT)

Class: Medium Tank

Mass-produced, ~150 vehicles total


History: To be clear, this is not this tank Medium III. A further development of the Mk. 1, which included thicker armor, a new fire control system, and a larger 720hp engine which gave it a higher top speed. The first prototype was completed in 1975, with a total of around 150 vehicles built through 1995.

In-game: Once again, we will give this a new engine, this time the 1040hp Rolls-Royce Meteor TTSC used by the Centurion AX, giving this a P/W ratio of 27.4 hp/t. This will be paired with excellent terrain resistances. It will get the 105mm L7A2, used by the Centurion AX, but with a significantly longer reload of 10.4 seconds, giving it 2250 DPM. Camo will be above average for a medium tank.


And there you have it – a new line of LT/MT hybrids. The low DPM means that the guns can be above-average in other aspects, including having at least decent gun handling, a feature that is conspicuously absent on the other high-tier LT/MT hybrid tanks.

I should note that Wargaming may instead use some of these vehicles in their upcoming British LT branch as, well, light tanks. Even so, I imagine the tanks would be similar to what I've proposed here.

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