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WorldofTanks9 - Challenge / Marathon suggestion

Several people have suggested they like the idea of tank skins as rewards vs new premium tanks. The 4 in the loot boxes this year are interesting, add variety, and most importantly don't ruin any game balance. While a "skin challenge" might not generate as much interest as a new OP tank , it should still bring in more than average number of players.

You could have multiple tiers of rewards by building on the details of the skin. Like adding side skirts, or machine guns…

  1. No grinding, purchased outright = Base skin, still cool and unique.
  2. Grind a few tiers of the marathon, then purchased = Base skin, plus additional details.
  3. Grind all EXP tiers = Base skin, tier 2 details, plus more.
  4. Grind all Tier 10 challenges = Full skin details and unique color combination?

W/O the rewards of a premium tank, you could relax the time and challenge requirements a bit. The Winter Challenge 10 day grind was pretty brutal. 14-17 day grind is much more relaxed. These could also be more frequent, and not needed just for special occasions. Between T10 and T8 premiums, there are many opportunities for customization.

Do you think that is interesting enough? Or do these challenges require tank rewards?

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