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Collection and Bonus Level Changes Compared to 2018

WorldofTanks9 - Collection and Bonus Level Changes Compared to 2018

(note, this year is called "Holiday Ops 2019", so I'll use WGs numbering)

  • Total number of decorations to complete all collections 251 -> 313
  • Tier IV decorations per collection 12-13 -> 16-20(!!!)
  • Decorations required for max bonus (in collection) 55 -> 62

So this means it's vastly harder to get all 4 camos. Last year I think I bought around 200 boxes, maybe more, in order to complete all the camos. I was fairly efficient about saving ornaments for the last day, but early on I did craft a lot trying to finish a single collection, so not the maximum possible efficiency. This year requires about 24% more decorations to finish the collection, so even being maximally efficient with crafting ornaments I'm guessing the bare minimum number of boxes you must buy to fully complete the collections will be over 200.

Not only are the overall numbers worse, but the tier IV decorations required went through the roof! From 12 to 20 is a 66% increase (that's the worst-case). Assuming you're buying boxes (which have guaranteed tier V decorations), tier IV is the most rare. So far I bought 100 boxes. I get 1 additional tier V and 4 tier IV decorations. Granted it's a small sample size, and the drop rates in small boxes might be different (I doubt it), but you only have a 4% chance of getting a tier IV decoration from a large box. Tier IV is going to be an absolute nightmare!


Last, the number of decorations required for max bonus has increased. I bought 75 Lunar boxes and only got 48 out of 80 decorations (after duplicates), taking me to only the middle of the 4th level bonus. Similarly I bought 25 New Year boxes and got 30 unique decorations, which is the middle of level 3. Buying boxes scales your collection poorly, because you get far more tier V decorations from large boxes than any other level (I got more tier V than tier I by a 2-1 margin). This means the more boxes the buy, the more your duplicate ratio goes up. Yes, you can destroy tier V ornaments for a lot of shards, but you should hold onto them until the last day to minimize the chance of crafting an ornament that's a duplicate of something you would have earned from a small box drop.

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TL;DR Unless the amount of small boxes available to earn has increased substantially, or the ornament drop rate has increased substantially, it's going to be way more frustrating to earn camos this year compared to last.

PS Out of 100 boxes the only damn thing I did not get, out of every possible reward, was the IS-3A. I got 6 Turans. FML.

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