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Combat/Dynamic Feedback, post 6.0 (Desired QoL changes)

WorldofTanks8 - Combat/Dynamic Feedback, post 6.0 (Desired QoL changes)

Seeing as we're categorically not getting a roll-back to 5.x, I'm going to try and list the things that need to change (outside the well known HUD and gold 'stealing' issues) to bring the game back up to where it used to be.

So lets start with the simple things, like the Sixth Sense sound and indicator.

Game: "Beep"

Player: "What?"

Game: Tiny icon to the far right of HUD.

Player: Suffers several hits.

Player: "Okay, so beep is bad."

Insert visible confusion meme, because everything makes basically the same damn beep.

Sixth Sense indicator needs to either return to it's old position (lower left), or better yet, take a page out of PC/XVM, and appear somewhat above the reticle.

The sound also needs to be much clearer, louder, and more easily distinguished from other new beeps, bleeps, bloops, and odd jangles.

Shell impact feedback, on causing a hit, just isn't there. You get a tiny VO call, but that doesn't really give a lot of useful info in the heat of combat. As players, we generally want to know three basic things about shells we send downrange, and have distinct visual and audio feedback for each.

  1. Did the shell hit?
    If yes, outline flash.

  2. Did the shell pen?
    If yes, display damage indicator on reticle.
    If no, end at outline flash.

  3. Did the shell cause HP damage?
    If yes, display HP damage hit indicator. Also, display target HP lost next to target. If no, but module damage, display module damage indicator. Also, display target module damaged next to target.

This allows for instant and easily understood feedback for what each round has done after being fired. It also lets us more easily tally hits/pens to track overall gun performance (ie: is this gun bouncing more than usual, or are the damage rolls suspiciously—mercy rolling—low?).

Incoming shell feedback.


This is big, and needs a lot of work to be useful or noticeable again. Upon taking an impact, there should a pseudo-3d flash (minimum visibility 1.5s) around the reticle in the approximate direction the shell came from—not the very edge of the screen.

Also, with our HP tracked low and left, and no quick reference near the reticle, it means we need to break combat and game immersion to check our current HP and decide whether to press an engagement or fall back.

The same also goes for the module symbols. If I've just lost a module (or crewman), or had it damaged, it needs to flash up somewhere near the reticle, so it can be quickly assessed and addressed. Sure, rep kits now fix everything, but a damaged fuel tank is a lot less catastrophic than a damaged rack or a destroyed gun…

Killfeed, comms, and call-outs.

First of all, I don't care who killed who. I want to know if an enemy Deathstar around that corner just racked a 60TP, or if the Artty took out our bottom tier Light.

Comms/Messages, on the opposite side of the screen from the killfeed. Maybe it's okay for some people, but that information can be useful. I'd much rather have it appear somewhere under the reticle than off to one side where it's not really noticed.

Call-outs now, reduced to just 10 options vs the 18+ we had before, not great. Sure, some of those missing are social ones, but they could still be useful. Also, call-outs should be focused on combat information and trying to co-ordinate tactics. Things like "Spotted Here" or "Suspected Enemy TD Here", or "Moving Past, Hold Fire" and "Fall Back, Covering You" would be very, very useful and appreciated.

Okay, you know what, I'll make another tweaked HUD image (Based on CC Kellen's redesign) with these dynamic elements and link it here when I'm done.

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