World of Tanks

Community Night after-thoughts and musings about the upcoming year.

WorldofTanks9 - Community Night after-thoughts and musings about the upcoming year.

Hello ladies and gents!

From the very bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone that came out and participated in Community Night, last night. Yes, even those of you in Room One who sang happy birthday to me in probably the most horribly off-key manner that has ever happened in the history of mankind.

I put in many, many, many hours of my own time (this is all volunteer work, by the way) to put it together, and it payed off in one of the most laugh-filled evenings, and one of the most enjoyable birthdays I've ever had. Nothing goes off without a hitch, and yes, there were issues at times last night, but from my understanding as I hopped around rooms trying to herd cats, it went off generally smooth and there was a lot of enjoyment to be had. Also, you all were right – the winner of the Create-a-Community-Night-Event Contest (Cat and Maus) was great fun to play.

You all helped me turn long hours of hard work into the wonderful send-off to 2018 that I was hoping for. Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


So, about the upcoming year, there are a few things I am working on for you all (in no particular order, just the order as they came to mind).

  1. A new guide series for newbies about shared research to help new players speed up your grinds.
  2. A 'year in review' post detailing some of the highlights and lowlights of this sub over the past year. Yes, much humor likely to be had.
  3. Working with our WG NA folks to bring you all at least 2 or 3 more Q&A's over the upcoming year. I am also going to try hard to see if I can get them to agree to doing a live Q&A/AMA on our Discord.
  4. Continuing work with the WG NA folks on trying to get something super special for this Community (yes, I know the details, but until they give the OK, I can't say anything more)
  5. More Community Nights and Contests – especially if I can find more sponsors (be they companies, or members of this Community willing to step up and give out something cool).
  6. Your feedback to give to the NA offices. I started on this the past year, and will expand it a bit this year. Believe it or not, your opinion matters (and it has helped influence things like sales/giveaways, events, map rotations in SH, etc.).
  7. Doing my best to get downvotes from those that think I am a shill and/or WG Employee
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From Private_Public's household to yours, thank you all for the wonderful year, tons of laughs, and your support as I try to be as good a Community Coordinator (for NA server folks) as I can be for you. I hope that you all have a safe, happy, and wonderous New Year!

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