World of Tanks

Community Night May 2019 hosted by the NA clans

WorldofTanks3 - Community Night May 2019 hosted by the NA clans

Howdy ladies and gents!

Shameless pre-invitation plug to our
cD9KsNs - Community Night May 2019 hosted by the NA clansDISCORD server, where we have members of the WG NA and EU offices available, and where we often post about upcoming events/goodies/giveaways before it is posted here. OK, shameless plug over. Back to your regularly scheduled invitation.

You are cordially invited to our upcoming Community Night.

For those that have never before had the chance to participate, our Community Nights can be described thusly: A few times per year, the RDDT clans come together to host a community event where anyone, whether you're in the Reddit family or not, can join for many fun-filled hours of activity. Players of all skill levels are welcome! The only requirements are to be a good sport and to be ready to laugh all night long. During Community Night, we run a variety of fun events. Some are for for prizes and some are just for the sheer, raw, unadulterated fun. On SATURDAY, May 25th at 5PM PST / 8PM EST (with events kicking off around 1 hour later), we will gather together on our TeamSpeak server – TS.RDDTCLANS.COM – to kick off the fun!

  • Note: this will be hosted on the Central NA server.

This time, the NA offices allowed me to pick your goodies (within reason, sorry, no Type 59's). More info about them in the Prizing section. Also, members of your fellow community have stepped forward to give very generously. RDDT 6 is sponsoring a pair of premium tanks, and some others handed me a ton of Steam Codes/Gift Codes. 52 codes in all! (well, 53, but one of them is expansion content for another key, so i'm putting them together as one 'code'). Also, I did put in the request for those special Event Accounts again. /u/TragicLoss sent me a message this past Friday (the 17th) that they were in the process of creating them. I haven't received the list of them yet, but as soon as I do, I will update this post and have the mods pin a reply to the top of the thread for you all to request them. So check daily this week for a chance to reserve yourself one of those special accounts before Saturday! If we are unable to get them (hey, anything can happen), make sure to have a PZ-1C on your regular account for running most of the events with!

Anyway, at this point, you all are probably wanting to know about what events we will be running.


  • Races: You know those dumb neighbor kids who 'raced' down the street in their ugly modded cars? Well, at least we have tanks. We will be zipping around maps and laughing as people flip, roll, fall into the water, and more on their way to victory.
  • Fish in a Barrel: A handful of large Self Propelled Guns on one side, everyone else in tiny tier 1 tanks on the other, all huddled together in the cap circle (barrel) on the opposite side of the map. Test your ability to emulate Bruce Willis as you dodge Armageddon dropping in from the heavens.
  • Destruction Derby: We now have Team and Solo variations of these events – there will be mayhem and bone-crunching action to be had, along with the usual laughs as WG brings you PhysicsTM.
  • Battle Boats: No, we don't load up in World of Warships. We grab out favorite arty and have a true contest of might and strength, and lots of laughs as RNG does silly things.
  • Battle Bridge: Get your fattest tank ready to help in this shove-a-thon! 2 teams line up on a bridge and at the start of the match, both teams try to shove through each other to get to the other side. Tanks will wear other tanks like hats.
  • Duck Hunt: A bunch of tier 3 and under tanks on the center road of Lakeville + Derps/Arty in the City + the road slowly shrinks as 2 much larger tanks slowly squeeze in. Be the last alive in this frantic back-n-forth dash! QUACK!
  • Don’t Forget: the usual Trash Compactor, Long Jump, Hide-n-Seek, Derp-Dash and more!
  • Note: events subject to change.


Big thanks to /u/TragicLoss, RDDT6, and a pair of wonderful donors of the Steam keys for these following prizes!


Premium Tanks Offered Event Conditions to Win
M4A1 Revalarise Fish in a Barrel Be the last person alive
Eagle 7 Fish in a Barrel Be the next to last person alive
Pz 58 Mutz Races Finish First in the finals of the races
AMX 13-57 Races Finish Second in the finals of the races
WZ-111 Destruction Derby Be the last person alive/first person to cross finish line after 5 laps
SU-122-44 Destruction Derby Be next-to-last person alive/2nd person to cross the finish line after 5 laps
2x IS3-A Evil Russian Laugh Whatever our sleep addled minds come up with for the last event of the night.
Steam Keys Pure Random Chance Whatever in the world the room hosts want to give them away for. 6th person to ready up? Get a key! You flipped your tank and blew it up because you cant' drive? Get a key! Seriously, these will be given out all night long, for whatever reason suits the fancy of the room hosts.


If anyone wants to stream the event and wants it to be known ahead of time, please contact me with your stream information and I will update this section with your information so that if people are curious, they can watch the insanity. Also, for everyone attending, please be aware that the event is 100% open to streaming by anyone, no permission needed.


Will update this section once I (hopefully) receive the accounts from Tragicloss

How to Join

We don’t bite (hard). Come on and join in!

  • You will need TeamSpeak 3 installed (you can find it here) and working sound. A mic is recommended but not required – as long as you can listen in and type, you should be good to go.
  • Log on to our TS server at and sign in with our TS bot for FRIEND tags. When you first log in you will receive a personal message from the bot – log in through the message and you'll be ready to go. If you have never joined our TS before, it will be a good idea to do so at least once ahead of time to get your Friend tag.
  • Once you're set up, join us in the Community Night Lobby subchannel. It is within the Main Lobby and should be listed right below you.
  • From that point, we will be giving directions on how to get to the right training rooms for all the fun! To do this, log on to US Central, then at the top of your garage where it says "Random Battle", select that and change it to "Team Training". From there, search for a room hosted by one of our event coordinators.


Once again, I hope to see a bunch of you folks there, be you from Reddit or from outside the family. We – myself and those helping me run the event – are all wanting to provide you with a few hours of great fun, tons of laughs, and some cool shiny new goodies for several of you, to make the night even sweeter!

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