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Consumable shortcuts: Med kit @ #4 and Reps @ #5

WorldofTanks2 - Consumable shortcuts: Med kit @ #4 and Reps @ #5

I know, people have been doing it in any combination, and I was too. When I've started the most important consumable in my mind was the fire extinguisher, and that was mapped in the 1st slot past the ammo types (#4) for easy reach. Been playing on and off since 2011, so lots of reflex was invested in keys #5 & #6 to work with the Med & Rep kits.

Over the last few years though, it seems WG went generous with various events/missions etc and I have been accumulating Premium Consumables – at least Large Med Kits and Automatic Fire extinguishers – at a rate faster than I can consume them (exception are the Large Rep Kits), so I've been using Automatic Fire Extinguishers for most of my tanks = there was no need for it to be @ #4 anymore.

So what should I prioritize? Like too many of you, I went #4 for Rep Kit & #5 for Med Kit…I don't know why, just picked it @ random I guess? And I've concluded, it was random. But I see so many streamers that have it this way and I thought to "revive" that question that has been discussed before, at least in the official forum.

My premise:

If you play a lot of fast tanks, you will realize that the most "critical" of the critical damage you can receive is losing a track and/or losing your driver, as one stops you on your tracks and the other slows you down significantly. It is imperative that you fix this kind of damage much much faster than anything else. Losing your engine is also a ")+%*#+)%!*" but hang on with me with the first two.

The hurdle:

If you are not using premium Med & Rep kits – and I don't in most of my non-Xs – you need two keystrokes to heal crew and repair crew: 1st stroke to pick the kit, 2nd stroke to pick the crew member or module to restore.

  • Repair Module mapping: 1) Engine 2) Ammo Rack 3) Gun 4) Turret 5) Tracks 6) Viewport 7) Radio 8) Fuel Tanks
  • Crew Heal mapping: 1) Commander 2) Gunner 3) ignore 4) Driver 5,6) w/e 7-8)_Loaders
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AFAIK "best case" solution:

  • Med Kit @ #4. Quick #4 double tap heals your driver, typically you can afford more time to "think" about the rest of the crew members
  • Rep Kit @ #5. Quick #5 double tap restores your tracks & mobility. The engine is often taken out to the same effect, but tapping 4-1 or 5-1 makes little difference. At least the 5,5 solves the most common mobility kill.

Takes a short time to get used to if you were using something else for years, BUT, I think it makes a difference.


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