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Counterarguments to the “WG is nerfing muh medium” doomsayers.

WorldofTanks3 - Counterarguments to the "WG is nerfing muh medium" doomsayers.

First of all, I'm not being paid by WG. I do think we should give them credit for trying to improve their game.

The reason I make this post is because, in the last few hours, I've read a staggering number of posts about people unhappy about the coming changes. So, instead of studying, I’ve decided to grab a beer and start typing out this.

What I’m trying to do here is go over each tank, over each of the changes, and why I believe that when viewed as a total, every single one of these tanks is getting buffed. Warning: long text is long.

Let’s begin with the big one, the STB-1.

WG decided that the STB-1 as it now is, is just a shitty generic medium that doesn’t do anything well apart from DPM. But DPM is useless when you just hose it across the room like a pornstar in solitary confinement. The solution: turn it into a unique vehicle. Lower damage per shot, buff reload, so you end up with a very similar DPM. Then, give it hydrosprings ™ that probably allow it to have 10-12 degrees of gun depression. Let it keep the “okay” turret armour (that might prove inadequate).

The two main changes that people seem to derp over are the following:

* the penetration. Oh boy. People, WG goofed this one up. THE STATED VALUE OF 232 MM IS AT 500 METRES. Yes, this is obvious is you read the article twice, but it’s very counter-intuitive. Standard penetration will remain unchanged, the value at 500 metres drops because of the change to APCR.

* The drop in top speed. As far as I’m concerned, the massive buff to engine power (200 hp is nothing to sneeze at) and a traverse of 55 is pretty good.

Miscellaneous changes:

* The underappreciated buff of this tank is dispersion on the move (coupled with the better aim time): a value of 0.09 is literally best in game. Remember, it now has a very mediocre 0.16.

* Dispersion goes up by 0.01 to 0.37. In light of the previous buff to dispersion on the move, this is as insignificant as it gets.

* Yes, 400m view range is worse than 410m. It’s still bloody fantastic.

In short: a faster, even better snapshotting, more depressing (pun intended), but less well armored Patton, made for players who want to be close on the action. I already dig it.

Next up, the Leo 1.

I can be short here. It’s a straight out buff. How some people can come to the conclusion that a buff of standard penetration to 278 mm is somehow a nerf baffles me.

* AP shells means better normalization (which is good), and it’s better at range. The decreased velocity to 1400 ms is still respectable.

* APCR at 315mm isn’t HEAT, sure, but this round fits the tank way better than HEAT. HEAT has low shell velocity (I believe the fastest HEAT round in the game goes 1000 ms) while this APCR goes at a silly 1800 ms.


Sidenote: But Atuin, I cannot pen superheavies anymore from 500 metres. Well, perhaps WG doesn’t want you to blindly kill the heaviest armoured tanks in the game at max distance and regardless of angling. Also, nobody ever accused the Super Conqueror of being underpowered despite having a “terrible” 326mm pen APCR premium round.

I honestly feel that these 2 new rounds will suit the tank much better.

Miscellaneous changes:

* I’ve heard a few times that it’ll get 330 alpha with the probably premium ammo nerf. That’s true, and a few comparisons are made with the Russian 100mm guns. Don’t forget that if they want similar penetration, they will have 250 alpha.

* Gun dispersion on the move gets a buff, aim time gets a buff, and dispersion (this last one is insignificant) gets a buff. Juicy.

* Mobility gets a buff in general, even though reverse speed is a little lower.

In short, the Leo will still be a hard tank to play in comparison to Ruski meds, but it will reward a patient and smart player more than it does now.

The AMX 30 B

Plain and simple, it’s a pure buff, I gladly take all those buffs for a small decrease in speed and aim time. It finally has its old gun back!

I’m just hoping they do something about the top hat. It’s probably the most obvious weakpoint on any tier 10 machine, and if they do keep it, I demand a monocle to go with it, dammit!

Object 430 and 430U

I feel WG really missed the ball on this one. Like, they didn’t miss just the ball, but the entire football game that ball was participating in.

Yes, these tanks need nerfing, but not like this.

The 430 and 430U are both strong because they possess a golden triad of qualities: armour, mobility and gun. In both instances they are now nerfing the gun, much in the same way they did with the Bobject. I dislike that idea, it just makes the tanks more frustrating to play, but does nothing about how frustrating they are to play against. The nerf to turret rotation doesn’t even make sense.

A far better idea is to give the gun “light” nerfs (honestly, just nerfing DPM would do), and most of all add some weakspots. Somewhat weaker side armour, a weaker lower plate, but keep the strong glacis plate and turret. The tanks should have good armour when brawling, when using armour correctly, not good armour when you’re idiotically bumbling towards an enemy.

This is my opinion on the latest of WG's planned changes. IMHO this is a very welcome change that makes 3 very mediocre mediums better, unique, more interesting, and hopefully this means they will be played more. WG is really doing fine work here, actually delivering the promised changes from last Christmas.

Now, WG, if you are reading this, stop selling Lefefe's and Defenders.

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