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Coupons for Whales 201 – Stacking Rewards // Delayed Gratification

WorldofTanks5 - Coupons for Whales 201 - Stacking Rewards // Delayed Gratification

Summary of Coupons of Whales 101: we often get discount coupons that exclude buying anything but vanilla premium tanks, aka Tech Tree tanks, like the Lowe or the T34, tanks that many already have. This is actually not bad, as WG refunds you the nominal Gold value of a Tank already in your Garage if you buy it for $, so you can effectively buy Gold at a discount through these Coupons. Add the garage slot and the crew that comes with the vehicle for gravy.


In lesson 201, we will take it up a notch: what if you plan ahead to stack rewards when specials fly around?

Lets play a scenario game.

  • This week (NA) has the naked Mauerbrecher (aka VK168.01 P or VK for short) bundled with the naked Skorpion (aka naked Skorpion G). They sell the bundle for $85.
  • Tankrewards is back and is offering a 4-stage reward system, with stages 1-3 giving you coupons that are applicable to tank bundles, not just tech-tree tanks. Coupons range from 10% for stage 1, 15% for 2 and 20% for stage 3. We will use the 15% coupon as an example that is not that hard to attain for most people, even with FL running.

With a 15% coupon that you can should attain over the next week through tank rewards, you are getting the duo for $72.24. If you were buying the VK alone, it would be $43.34 through that same coupon.

Now, assuming you wanted to buy the naked Mauerbrecher (sorry, VK168) anyways, and you have made the wise choice to swap your Skorpion G with the unskinned Skorpion few months ago would mean that:


You get to "keep" the VK168 and you are getting the Skorpion's Gold equivalent of 10,900G for $28.9 => 377 Gold/$.

The inverse (you have the Skorp and you get the duo for the VK's gold) should be roughly the same, as the Skorp does sell as much as a VIII HT typically.

By comparison:

If you were buying the T34's equivalent of 12,000G w/ 15% discount would be $44.96 => 267Gold/$.

25,000 Gold package for $100 (coupon does not apply) => 250 Gold/$

12,000 Gold Package for $51.69 (coupon does not apply) => 232 Gold/$

This would be a great deal to have active last week, when the Tech Tree tanks were also @ -15% when buying for Gold in-game.

E.g. the JT 88 is normally 10,000 Gold or $45 (222 Gold/$).

Discounted for 15% "in-game" would be 8,500 Gold.

If you had "Secured" the 10,900 Gold from the Skorp for 377 Gold/$, means that you could have bought the JT 88 for 8,500 Gold @ 377 Gold/$ = $22.55, that is an effective 50% discount.

Now, the 15% discount is gone for a while, but that doesn't mean you cannot stock some gold as you are getting those coupons here and there, and buy your shit when the next discount comes. /delayedgratification

If you were able to secure the same deal with the 20% discount, would have an even higher effective discount at the final purchase in Gold, but how much I won't calc for you : that is your homework 😉

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