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Dark red tomato needs Christmas guidance (long and confused post)

WorldofTanks10 - Dark red tomato needs Christmas guidance (long and confused post)

I started playing in October and I'm still pretty bad. I am playing the T-34 and researched the T-34-85. I got the KV-85 with my bootcamp token and later I researched the KV1-S (but haven't actually purchased it yet). I want to follow the IS-3 line.

On the american line I researched the M4, but also haven't purchased it yet.

I am trying to play American arty and I got to the M37, but I don't enjoy it very much and I have a 31% win rate 🙁

I enjoy playing lights and my only positive win rate is on the T-70 and T-80.

I was going to buy gold to get the Churchill and the T-24-85M as crew trainers and to make some credits, but I bought the 25 loot boxes package, so now I got about 12.5K gold , the KV-220-2, the M4 Improved, the Turán III and the E-25 and enough decorations to get to level X and get the 4 female recruits.

I will use the KV-220-2 to train heavy crews and buy the Matilda IV or the T34-85M for training a medium crew. Which one would be better? I want to follow the Obj. 140 line.


Now I got a 3 German premiums and I don't know what to do with them. The E-25 seems like a good credit maker. The MKA could be useful as a trainer for the Luchs and the Leopard, but I think I need to focus more on fewer lines. I have no idea about what to do with the Turán III.

I also could play the M4 and the M4 Improved, but right now it feels redundant with the T34 / T34-85.

I think I will try this plan:

  • Buy the T34-85M
  • Recruit 1 female commander for the T34-85 crew, train with T34-85M
  • Recruit 1 female commander for the KV-95 crew, train with KV-220-M
  • Recruit 1 female commander for the E-25, play it for credits
  • Keep playing the T34 and the KV-1 to research all the tanks and elite them.
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I'm not sure where to use the other female recruit. Suggestions? What is the best use for the rest of my gold? I don't plan to spend more money on the game until next Christmas. And what to do with the discounts on higher level tech tree tanks that you get from festive levels?

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