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Dealing with Drowning

WorldofTanks9 - Dealing with Drowning

I'd love to see WG implement a policy to deal with id*ots who drown themselves. Here's an idea:

  1. If you drown you get an automatic 20 minute timeout. This should stop those id*ots who don't like the matchmaking and drown themselves as an alternative to getting dinged for desertion. But it's not so harsh that people who drowned accidentally (which isn't that common) are too badly inconvenienced.
  2. Drown a second time that week and you get a 1 hour timeout.
  3. Drown a third time that week and you get a 1 day timeout.
  4. If it's determined that you drowned on purpose you get a 1 week timeout
  5. If you drown on purpose twice in a month you get a 1 week timeout AND you lose the tank you drowned in and have to buy it back.

I realize that steps 4 and 5 would be harder to enforce because it would likely take human review however…

…I'd wager that at least 2/3 of drownings in the game are intentional. I do occasionally see an accidental drowning – I've done it myself a few times over the last couple of years. But far more often I see some id*ot declare the game a loss during the countdown and immediately drive into the water. I'd guess that people who intentionally drown do it relatively often. If you start banning them for a week, I think most of them will stop doing it. At the very least you won't have them doing it more than once a week.

Additionally I'd bet that most intentional drownings happen in the first 2 minutes, or the final minute, of a battle. If necessary the customer service folks could stick to only reviewing drownings that happen in that timeframe.

So, while initially there might be a bit of a customer service load reviewing those vids, I think the problem could sort itself out in a matter of weeks, especially as word gets out that drowning cowards are getting 1 week bans.

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Just a thought.

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