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Did the average WR change? Or is this player being an absolute a-hole for all the ridicule, insults and general shit-talking?

WorldofTanks3 - Did the average WR change? Or is this player being an absolute a-hole for all the ridicule, insults and general shit-talking?

Bit of a rant, but this player is being such a tool so i need to verify whats what, so-to-speak. Also this is on mobile so apologies for any issues reading, i can try to adjust if there are any.

After a bad match on sand river (tier range 6-8), followed by an e25 and skoda(player in question) call the heavies a bunch of crying idiots when we ask, literally anyone to spot the southern flank (sand dunes) while we are picked off from the side in the valley/river. The e25 (adding after looking over my post, fyi the e25 is 46%) and skoda also call me an the t32 morons for going to the river (t32(52%), i was in a tiger p, plus a kv2, and a medium i dont remember went down there)

Getting to the point. After asking post battle what was up, all i get is repeated insults of being a "49%er" as they put it. They dont even bother to read my responses replying with a tl;dr (that was before the rapid insults). Apparently im terrible because at 16919 battles im at 49.6% WR. Thats literally their only basis and then its just constant trolling from there. reiterating the fact over and over.

The kicker, this player only started Jan. 2 of 2020. Well you may ask how many battles, surely they have quite a bit to justify being an elitist tool. They have 96 battles total (60% win rate). Their highest (tech tree) tier is tier 5, only going up one line with a T-34. They have two tier 6 premiums as highest overall. They skipped tier one and two outright as its not listed in their service record. MajorTom is they d-bag im speaking of if anyone feels like verifying themselves too.

Another thing to note is that my WR has been increasing over the last few months. At the start of the year i was at 48.7% or 48.9% (hard to remember exactly which), now its 49.6%. Its been steadily rising through the year so hopefully by the end of the year ill be over 50% so i can shutdown these trolls right away and not deal with such petty toxicity. Though they will probably just up their standards, saying that 50% is the new dumpster fire player statistic.


Another problem is that they refuse to understand that their complete lack of experience in the game leaves them unable to argue whats actually good or not, and are blinded by trolling and useless stats (when only having 96 battles).

So the question (as in the title) is: when did 49% become the new "trash player" statistic? SleepingKnightsRS421 (my username) since i gave the other persons username.

I thought 47% was the average, ive never seen someone so adamant that 49% is a terrible wr. I've never claimed to be an amazing player but i know that i am at least a reasonably competent player and can hold my own in a battle. I'll probably never achieve unicum status but calling me "a waste of space" and "a burden on every team" and that "i suck" based on arbitrary reasons is a bit much.

Also i checked again before submitting the post, and they are now at 103 battles (58.25%), honestly cant wait to see this a-hole go sub 50% so they can get a taste of their own medicine.

TL;DR this tool with 103 battles (58.2%wr) who started Jan.2 proclaims that 16919 battles (49.6% wr) is garbage simply for being below 50%. And as such i suck for even bothering to exist in the game. Brand new players calling seasoned players noobs, what else is new. I was hoping to have another fun game session like last night but this muppet took that opportunity away. Literally had nothing upsetting aside from bog-standard raging all week (but fuck do i hate such stubborn incompetence like this person).

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