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Empire Border, and why nobody like it.

WorldofTanks3 - Empire Border, and why nobody like it.

Ok, ok, I’ve seen little advocacy for this map, and I think the distaste is real and reflective of the quality of this map. Mind you, I have good stats (currently no. 5 of WG’s hall of fame on m46 Patton, 4100 wn8) so I might be out of touch of what average players think, despite myself being one of them sometime ago. But IMO the map is terrible for ordinary and exceptional players alike:

  1. Chokepoints, which is bad especially for lightly-armored tanks and artilleries with a flat arc. You are even more dependent on MM to give your team a decent heavy driver.

  2. Flanks have no interactions among themselves. Once you are in the middle of a corridor, you have no way to influence other lanes. The only option is to press 2 and kill people in front of you. When you emerge victorious and want to push the flank you’ve just won, congratulations! You walk into a nice, long, single flat lane while TDs (after camping for the entire match) happily claim your life.

  3. Very difficult to defend cap, because you need to drive all the way back the corridor where you come from. You need to be very very precise in your timing to arrive right before the enemy completely swarms the cap. Too late and you get wrecked; too early and the flank you’ve just left collapses, because you’ve been driving around doing nada.

Due to 2. this map is not fun for high-level players who value flexing and reading the flow of battle. For me personally this intelligent aspect of the game is where variety and fun comes from. Instead, tanks are reduced to expensive frontline clickers in this braindead of a map. Why not play actual clicker at this point?

Due to 1 and 3, this map is also not good for the majority of ordinary players who don’t drive fast AND armored tanks, are reliant on the team (looking at you, arty) or hesitant with premium ammo.

But WG can maybe fund 6 more yachts from the gold spam, so that’s a good thing, right?


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