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Estimated battle count to get the TS-5 through commitment Mission

WorldofTanks4 - Estimated battle count to get the TS-5 through commitment Mission

Good day my fellow Tankers

Today I once again have the opportunity to plug my channel have some math for you. Today I tried to estimate how many games you need to get the Tank via commitment. I did a

again go watch me where I talk about it and explain why I went with such values. Anyway MATH TIME and APPROXIMATIONS. WOOOO

So Stage 1 wants you to get 4 times 250 bexp ( Base EXP). Sounds definitely easy, yet looking through some replays I uploaded to wotreplays and looked at all the bexp gained by the winners and loosers. And interesting enough, almost always winners got 250 bexp while looser got it 50% of the time… more or less. To make it somewhat fair we estimate that our fictional player has 50% winrate and 500 bexp on average

So now we say we need 4 times 2 ( because of the 50% winrate) amount of games to finish the Stage 1: Woho 8 Games!

Stage 2 is different. 4500 bexp over any game. We said we got 500 bexp on average so its just 4500/500 which is 9 games.

Stage 3 is 12 times top 10 bexp. This is not too hard but I give you all a fail chance of 30% meaning that in 30% of the games you won't get the top 10 bexp. So we calculate 12 * 1.3 and get 15.6 which we round up to 16 games

Stage 4: is 12000 bexp so its another division by 500 and 24 games

Stage 5: is 25 times 500 dmg. Once again we say that 500 dmg is pretty easy to achieve but you got a failrate of not achieving it of 30%. so once again, 25 * 1.3 gives us 32.5 games and we round that up to 33 games.

Stage 6 is 20000 bexp and so is 40 games


Stage 7 is 25 times 500 bexp. We once again say we get a 50% chance of achieving it as it is pretty easy on getting it in a winning team. Maybe we are on a win streak so it gets even easier but we stay at the 50% chance of failing. So now its 25 times 2 and so 50 games

Stage 8: 40 times 500 dmg. Once again 30% failrate => 40*1.3 = 52 games

Stage 9: 30000 bexp is 60 games

And Stage 10: 50 times top 10. 30% failchance and that is 65 games..

now DRUM ROLL PLEASE brbrbrbbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbbrbr

We get 357 games which are necessary with our approximations! Which is 35.7 games per day, at an average of 7 mins per game a woopy cool 4:15h per day of WoT for 10 days straight for the TS-5.

So is it easier as WG claims then the EBR marathon. If we make the same approximations of 500 bexp and 50% winrate we get a total of 630 Games needed for the EBR Tonk at 14 days. Which are 45 games per day resulting in 5:06h every day for 14 days straight.

Phew…. so here we go. Again more explanation and examples are in the video linked above and let me know what you think about the approximation! Thank you so much for your attention, now I go lay down and hope my head doesn't explode of my headache



Ps: this is what I am doing when I can't test the tank /u/WG_eekeeboo gib tank plox… jk ily <3

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