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European Community Night – Saturday 10th of November

WorldofTanks7 - European Community Night - Saturday 10th of November

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Wait what? There's an EU RDDT community? Indeed!

We're home to everything from the worst best accents and professional soundboard experts to dank memes and country stereotypes, and we'd like to invite you to our next Community Night ™.

If you haven't heard about all these shenanigans before, they're basically activity-packed evenings where we hold fun games and competitions where anybody, regardless of whether they are part of the Reddit clans or not, can join!

"FuN gAmeS hurr durr am here for the money". There will be gold prizes so fear not (I've been told by a secret source that also premium vehicles will be involved!). Also winners of the race will get a "special" tag on Teamspeak.


  1. Battle Boats: Arty Party!

  2. The Walking Dead: Spooky. A 1:3 ratio battle (i.e.: 5 vs 15 or 10 vs 30), but the larger team can only fire HE!

  3. Hide and seek: Now you don't see me, now you still don't

  4. Long Jump: POLAN CAN (not) INTO SPACE

  5. Racing Simulator 2018: Want to be the next Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton? You probably won't but you can always join and show off your skills! (Make sure you have a Pz. I C prepared)

  6. Bridge push: Bring your heaviest heavies!


So save the details!

Join the chat channel "eucommunitynight" to make inviting you people all that easier!

A working mic is not needed but recommended

When you connect to our TS, join the Community Night channel and read the channel description

Don't have TS/don't know how it works? Here's a really fast crash course!

  1. Visit Teamspeak's download page and download the appropriate version

  2. Open the installer and complete the install process

  3. Open Teamspeak 3, click on Connections on the upper left corner

  4. Input the TS address ( and write your ingame name in the Nickname field. Click on Connect and you're sorted!

If in the end you enjoy the experience and want to stay, we can offer you three options:

RDDTR: Social Clan

RDDTF: T8/T10 SH/CW/Advances clan, semi competitive

RDDT: T10 CW/Advances, occasional SH, competitive


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