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F2P Guide based on personal experience

WorldofTanks10 - F2P Guide based on personal experience

This post is more going to be about proving a point to someone, but I will be open to criticism and opinions in the comments. Also, a lot of this is based on my PERSONAL experience, so please feel free to correct me if any of my info is incorrect. Any way, lets get started.

So, in WoT, you have 3 forms of currency to manage: Silver, Combat XP, and Free XP. In order to progress down tank lines, you need to have the correct amount of currency to buy and manage tanks. Basic stuff. Problem with WoT is that in order to gain the nessecary currency to buy your favorite tank, you must grind out the silver and credits. And doing so is a painful and lengthy. For the adverage tanker who only plays 1 hours, this can take months. So, I figured that I would put in my two cents since I have been playing this game for a while and there are a lot of new players coming on that don't know a lot of tricks. I mean, you don't know what you don't know. So, here is my list of tricks that I do in order to help keep up with my needs for silver, combat xp, and free xp.

  1. Sell unused modules and shells- This is pretty common knowledge, so I won't get to crazy. Basically, you can make back some money on modules that you needed to get through on some tanks. Wargaming has made it easy to find those un-needed modules by having the depot tab show you what modules you don't need. This also expands to shells as well. Find spare shells that you don't use anymore and sell. This does not help tremendously, but in order to stay F2P, you need to be a penny pincher.
  2. Sell premium consumables- This one is going to make people scratch their heads and question my logic. Thing is, premium consumables are expensive. 20k silver per consumable? Just one will eat up what you could potentially make back on a victory or even a good loss. So, do yourself a favor and not use them. Sure, you will get some from the missions, but don't use them. Sell them and get back 10k per premium consumable. This will help TREMENDOUSLY as you can easily stack these consumables up without knowing. The ONLY premium consumable I would say is worth using is the Automatic Fire Extiguisher. Depending on how often you get caught on fire, I would say using it will be worth it. Less time being on fire=more hp=more time earning credits. Other than that, use your standard consumables as to help cut down on post-battle cost and help you earn more credits.
  3. Use your boosters- Boosters were never available when I first started playing WoT. When I came back and saw that these AWESOME little guys were in the game, I was happy. Then I saw the price. No, NEVER buy these guys. Its not worth your investment. Because with how often you can get these guys from daily and weekly missions, its not worth buying them. When you do get these guys, find the tank you are working on and use them. If their credit boosters, find a tank that earns you a fair amount of credits per battle and use them all. XP Boosters? Find the tank or crew you are grinding and use them. Honestly, you could hold onto them for Frontlines, but if you are like me and don't like the game mode, just use them as soon as you get them. This will help cut down the time to get your tank.
  4. Get your x2 for the day- This one will be really a good way to help cut down your frustration. The one thing that kills me with WoT is how frustrating it is to play. Its really demoralizing. So, if you are struggling with the grind and don't want to play for the day, make it your goal to AT LEAST get the x2. If you let it go, you are just wasting a nice boost to your XP. Even if its not a good victory, its still worth getting. It still helps with those tanks that make you want to pull your hair out.
  5. DON'T USE PREMIUM AMMO- this one is going to cause a lot of stress for some. Premium ammo is one ammo type that is very useful to some people, especially when bottom tier. But here is the problem, its VERY expensive. I know that some people will fill the need to hit that 2 key and start firing at a O-I or a super heavy, but don't do it. You will loose whatever chance of you having a + silver income in the post-battle. So, don't even store some premium. This will help prevent you from throwing away silver after a battle. Instead, learn weak point on tanks. If you know where to hit tanks to do damage, then there is no need for premium ammo. Also, if you have a gun larger than 100 mm, store more HE and still aim for weak points. Cause even if you don't pen, you can still do damage. And if you track them, then you will earn more silver and XP if you teammates do damage to them.
  6. Play standard tanks that alway have + income- This one is IMPERATIVE to you making silver. There are some tanks that will ALWAYS have you earn a positive silver income, regardless if you did poorly or not, win or loss. This, combined with ALL my previous tips, will help you earn more silver. Some tanks that always have a + silver income is the KV-2, t-34-85, M4A1E2, and M44. I know that the M44 is going to piss some people off, but here is the thing. It always has a + silver income. Sometimes you just gotta get your hands dirty.
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These are the tips that I have been following since I have played the game and I have found that I really have not had a problem with silver or XP. But I do warn you, a lot of these tips are going to require a lot of time to be invested. The goal, though, it to REDUCE that time to a more efficient and manageable state. Some people have school that they need to focus on. Others have life and work to focus on. That is fine. I am just wanting to share some tips that I discovered to help me reach for those tanks that I want and would love to have.

I hope this will help some of you with your daily struggle. Good luck and have fun, tankers.

P.S. For those of you who want to spend money, only invest in premium time or premium vehicles.

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