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February Scavenger Hunt (and March info) — I’m a bit sad

WorldofTanks9 - February Scavenger Hunt (and March info) -- I'm a bit sad

Quick edit: I acknowledge that it's possible that the info about when and how one consumes/redeems the tokens for the Feb scavenger hunt has been available for some time. I may have just missed it. If that's the case then in writing this I'll possibly look like a bit of a boob, but on the other hand I do check this subreddit pretty much daily and will have missed it, which means I'm very likely not in the minority in having done so.

So if this post on the WoT forums has correct info, and all you've come to this post for is that info, then sweet, you're welcome!

So I also play Path of Exile, and those who do know that the most important time to play a new league is the first weekend. Well, that is if you're on trade league and care about getting a decent start on currency. Ironically for myself this leads to less time playing PoE overall during a league, as it leads to a bit less grinding to get the gear I want/need for the characters I want to play, but that grinding starts to feel a bit grindy after a while anyway, so I prefer to no-life the weekend a league starts.

Well, the next league starts like 12 hours before these March WoT missions and the WoT stuff only lasts for 4ish days. It's like…on the one hand, I'm happy that I have enough choices in gaming that I want to play such that there's competition on my time, but on the other hand I'm sad that I spent almost all of Feb (didn't discover it until a few days in) only to collect "tokens" that I might not use.


Now I want to stress that I think it's cool that WGNA are doing these scavenger hunt codes, and other events recently. It's cool! What I don't like is when they say "hey, collect these codes all month for a reward" and then at the end of the month say "oh by the way, in order to get the reward you have to play the game during these specific 4 days". Sure, it's free in-game stuff, and that's great, but some people already have plans for those specific days. Had they known in advance they could either have planned around the tanks event (I'm sure some would) or not bothered to collect the scavenger hunt codes.

With a thread like this one collecting the codes was minimal effort — just hit F5 every day. So really my issue is not one of "some people will have wasted that effort" so much as "some people will have gotten excited all month for something cool only to be let down near the finish line".

I'm sure some will dismiss this post as whining. Hopefully I didn't break any subreddit rules so it doesn't just go poof though. To those who say this is whining: I…well, in my case I can't 100% disagree. I have to make a choice whether or not I want to play 30ish games of tanks next weekend, woe is me. But for some who collected and entered the codes all month they don't get to make that choice. And I think getting their hopes up about something cool and then gating it behind a 4-day event is a bit short-sighted at best.

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