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Feedback: Frontlines and wheeled vehicles

WorldofTanks1 - Feedback: Frontlines and wheeled vehicles


  • Rank at end of Battle: When you die right before the game ends, get some spotting damage after death and you are missing ~1% xp to next rank, you will not get the rank. Also when you finish the game with 99%, you get nothing for that rank. My suggestion: Give partial frontline-xp for 50%+ ranks and give upgrade ranks instantly, not after spawn.

  • Win Bonus: Right now nobody cares who wins, everyone just wants to prolong the battle until they reach general. If you manage to defend the game before the enemies get any zones, nobody really gets any xp (for rank). To fix this I would suggest that the defenders get something for winning early, like +10% xp for every zone that wasn't captured. Also the attackers should get more from destroying objectives, it's really not worth it right now to go for objectives when there are still uncapped zones.

  • Combat reserves: It would be nice to be able to change them (at the start of the game or based on attack/defense of your team). I find smoke not that useful when defending and arty/airstrike when attacking.

  • Spawn-selection: I would like to be able to see the objectives health, playercount per front and my lives left.

  • Objective messages: Whenever a zone is captured or an objective gets reached or destroyed, the other objectives are hidden and you can't see the hp anymore. I wish we could always see them.

  • Weird spawnsBUG: The spawns need some fixing; sometimes as defender you spawn in the zone behind and can't defend the zone anymore, because until you get there, it's already over. Also as attacker it happened to me once, that we just capped C and I spawned already in F, surrounded by 3-4 enemies who just instantly shot me.


Wheeled Vehicles

  • Repair wheelsBUG: When you get several wheels damaged by different shots, and one gets repaired automatically, you will not be able to manually repair the remaining wheels. Quite annoying bug.

  • Speed modesBUG:

    • Almost always when switching mode from rapid to cruise and vice versa, you slow down before going the intended speed. From what I've noticed, it might be worse with a bad connection. What happens, from what I understood, is that when you change mode the server forgets that you were accelerating and only accelerates again when the client sends another "move" command.
    • Switching mode also resets cruise control, which is quite annoying. Can we change that? I would like to use cruise control and be able to switch modes
    • Allow us to switch modes at countdown and enable cruise control. Right now you have to switch after the battle starts and then reenable cruise control.
  • Tracking damage: While there is obviously no tracking damage, if you shoot the wheels the enemy slows down. Maybe it should be 1/8 of the normal tracking damage for every wheel you damage? I find a slower target is already easier to hit and should be rewarded.

  • Wheels: How are wheeled vehicles faster with 2 wheels on the ground, but have better turning angle with 4 wheels on the ground? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

I don't know if the devs/community managers actually read here, but would be nice to see some of those fixes/improvements.

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