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Festivity Level 10 Blueprint spending strategy and BP fragment use word of caution:

WorldofTanks2 - Festivity Level 10 Blueprint spending strategy and BP fragment use word of caution:

Judging from: , if you are able to reach level 10 festive level, you will receive 60 x national blueprint fragments for each nation, and 360 universal fragments.

I post this because, in years past, I was able to achieve level 10 festive atmosphere with 75 loot boxes and 25 boxes on two separate accounts. I suspect that others will do this again this year , and folks may not immediately know what to do with all of the blueprint fragments that they suddenly have.

The following are the net unlock costs for a vehicle at each tier:

TIER… #of BP fragment slots… cost to fill fragment slot (#national/#universal)… net cost to unlock entire vehicle at tier (#national/#universal)

TIER 10: 12 slots; (4/12) per slot; (48/144) to unlock

TIER 9: 10 slots; (3/12) per slot; (30/120) to unlock

TIER 8: 8 slots; (3/10) per slot; (24/80) to unlock

TIER 7: 8 slots; (3/8) per slot; (24/64) to unlock

TIER 6: 6 slots; (2/6) per slot; (12/36) to unlock

TIER 5: Really, you shouldn't even be considering wasting national fragments on this tier, unless you mean to skip the DurchBruchswagen 2. {Jeeze, that's a terrible tier IV}.

Now, your best value is to use your fragments to unlock tier 10 blueprints, because (in most cases) you get the most experience value for your blueprint expenditure by using fragments on tier 10 slots. If this is your choice, then you will be able to unlock 2 tier ten tanks (of different nations) at level 10 festivity.


However, if the line you are grinding has an awesome tier 9 before your desired tier 10, you shouldn't unlock the 10 in the line, because you'd miss out on playing the tier 9 as much as you'd like (meaning that that particular grind would be pleasure, not painful). For example- I wouldn't unlock the IS-7 or Obj. 277, because I really like playing the 257 and T-10, respectively.

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…and this brings me to skipping "stinkers". THIS was what REALLY made me want to write this post.

DO NOT use the blueprints ON the "stinker" tank!!!!! Meaning- if you DON'T want to spend time on the TVP/VTU, then use blueprint fragments on the T50 (the tank AFTER it) instead. –That way, you won't be grinding on the TVP/VTU, because the T50 will already be unlocked. THIS is the correct way to use blueprints and not waste them.

Sincerely, – a stupid guy who spent Czech national blueprints from the earlier event this year actually ON the tank I wanted to skip, and not on the tank I wanted to get to (by SKIPPING the stinker)… {Spend the blueprints on the tank that you want AFTER the stinker, not ON the stinker itself.}

This has been a public service announcement by a guy who figured it out "the hard way". Thanks, Commanders!

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