World of Tanks

Finally unlocked the Object 260!

WorldofTanks2 - Finally unlocked the Object 260!

Now I have my first heavy crew trainer for the Russians!

But I didnt expect it to take that long to be honest, the beginning went smooth and I got quite far in mediums/spgs/tds while the last couple of missions where an absolute pain to do:


I never considered doing these since I dont enjoy the light tank playstyle(or at least I thought so when I started the missions), I even skipped LT-15-3 since I didnt manage to do it. However then they released the French wheelies and once I unlocked the EBR 105 I managed to do LT-15-3 with honors, all 15 LT missions for the Object 260 and LT 15-4 with honors within just 1 day after getting the tank! Those clown cars absolutely stomp the LT missions.


Had good progress with my german and french mediums in the beginning and they didnt seem that hard, unlocking the Progetto 65 definetly carried me through the last parts of those missions though, absolutely love that tank.


Just didnt work for me even though I enjoy playing heavy tanks I couldnt get much progress done.


Quite doable if there wouldnt be 2 extremly hard missions, TD-8-4: do 5x more damage than your hit points(I think I only ever did this once in one of the swedish TDS, but sadly without having the mission active) and TD-15-4: do 8.000 damage, well I guess that speaks for itself.


Those missions seemed to be the easiest in the beginning, I did most of them while progressing through the Russian SPG line without much trouble, however I cant even remember for how long I am stuck at SPG-15-4 now, glad I could skip it in the end!


ehemhdyr54s31 - Finally unlocked the Object 260!

My Mission progress

40zpxfr294s31 - Finally unlocked the Object 260!

The Object 260 is a great tank, it is strong but not blatantly OP in my opinion, a fair reward for quite an effort. The first couple of matches I had to get used to the armor layout since I never realy played pike nose tanks but now it works quite well.

Sadly I couldnt find any guides for it, so Iam wondering which crew skills do you prioritize and which equipment/consumables do you use?

So far I have:

Commander: BiA – Sixth Sense- Situational Awareness – Repairs(training)

Gunner: BiA – Snap Shot – Deadeye – Repairs(training)

Driver: BiA – Smooth Ride – Clutch Braking – Repairs(training)

Loader: BiA – Safe Stowage – Adrenaline Rush – Repairs(training)


Food/Repair Kit/Med Kit




Experienced Firefighters

The problem is that this tank burns alot, so Iam wondering is it worth to go for Preventative Maintenance? It seems like most of the time it burns because of the fuel tank so that perk wouldnt help from my understanding? Otherwhise I should probably go for fire fighting as 5th crew skills after repairs is done?

Also which type of sidescraping do you prefer in it? It seems reverse sidescraping is stronger?

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