World of Tanks

For anyone who still cares…. Patch notes

WorldofTanks2 - For anyone who still cares.... Patch notes

Attention Commanders, Full and Expanded patch notes for todays update;

Cost of Consumables: Based on your feedback, we have decided to slash the price of all Consumables 50% indefinitely.

We plan to continue to monitor Consumable use and how this impacts gameplay moving forward. If necessary, we’ll make further adjustments. We appreciate your continued feedback on this subject–thanks and happy tanking!

Map Additions and Improvements: -Vineyards added into rotation -Highway added into rotation -Added Mines to battle tiers 8-10 -Added Kasserine, Fisherman’s Bay, and Pilsen to battle tiers 5-6 -Added Abbey to battle tiers 2-3 -Reduced the sun’s brightness on Sand River -Added Theater of War elements to all maps such as artillery strikes and katyusha rockets -Temporarily removed Assault mode from 3 maps in Multiplayer only: Kasserine Kaunas Pilsen

-Kaunas: Standard Battle : Select Team 1 spawns moved North Select Team 2 spawns moved towards the ravine Team Destruction: Mirrored spawns to better match Standard battle variant 2

Abbey: Standard Battle Variant 2 Spawns adjusted to be similar to Standard Battle Variant 1 while retaining the different base locations

Steppes: Standard Battle variant 1: Team 1 spawns moved more towards the west encounter and towards the center of the map. Team 2 spawns moved towards the east encounter and away from the center of the map

Pilsen: Encounter: Spawn for Team 1 in the southeast corner has been spaced out a bit.

Fisherman’s Bay: -Standard Battle: South Team spawns pushed further back and moved the North team further forward -Team Destruction: South Team spawns pushed further back and moved the North team further forward -Standard Battle Variant 2: Removed

Cliff: -Standard Battle: South Team spawns pushed further back and moved the North team further forward -Team Destruction: South Team spawns pushed further back and moved the North team further forward -Encounter: South Team spawns pushed further back and moved the North team further forward.

Mines: -Standard Battle Variant 1: Moved Team 1 spawns further away from key sightlines, Moved Team 2 spawns closer to key sightlines -Standard Battle Variant 2: Moved Team 2 spawns closer to the hill towards key sightlines

Tank Balance Changes: -T-62A 100mm D54 TS GunReload time: 6.6 -> 6.3 -T95E6 Chassis Hull rotation speed: 46 -> 50 -Shot dispersion during movement/rotation: 0.16/0.16 -> 0.12/0.12120mm -Gun T123E6 gunAim time: 2.3 -> 2Accuracy: 0.38 -> 0.35 -Höllenhund / leKpz M41 90mm Chassis Shot dispersion during movement/rotation: 0.14/0.14 -> 0.1/0.1 -Turret View Range: 400 -> 41090 76mm US Kanone M 32 gun Reload time: 6.6 -> 6.4 -M41B Brazilian BulldogHealth: 975 -> 1,100 Chassis Shot dispersion during movement/rotation: 0.14/0.14 -> 0.12/0.12 -Turret View Range: 400 -> 41090mm Gun Ca 7690 M32 BR3 gun Accuracy: 0.38 -> 0.36Aim time: 2.3 -> 2 -M41 Bulldog Turret 1 View Range: 380 -> 39076mm Gun M32 gun Accuracy: 0.4 -> 0.39Reload time: 5.3 -> 4.8Aim time: 1.9 -> 1.7 -Turret 2 View Range: 400 -> 41076mm Gun M32 gun Accuracy: 0.4 -> 0.37Reload time: 5.3 -> 4.6Aim time: 1.9 -> 1.776mm Gun M32 late gun Accuracy: 0.36 -> 0.34Reload time: 5 -> 4.4Aim time: 1.9 -> 1.7


Improvements: -Added a second Colorblind option In the menu -the “Options” text has been renamed “Settings” -In the PBRS, the “Back” text has been renamed to “Back to Garage” -When equipping a reserve Consumable, players are now prompted to select their resupply currency instead of defaulting to Gold -Store now displays text description for the Season Pass on the main screen -The sizing and placement for the Consumables is now in-line with ammo on the HUD -Simplified the Module / Crew icons when damage / destroyed on the HUD -Soften the circular edge for Sniper mode on the HUD -Updated Mississippi’s Flag to the new design -Repeatable Ops now show the number of completions remaining and show an infinity symbol if they are repeatable infinitely -Added tank class and name to MVP screen -Enlarged the text in the ammo purchase confirmation screen -Improved TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) for trees to reduce the ghosting effect -Tank stats “damage per shot” changed to “damage per game” on the tank stats page -Added a Siege Mode icon to the tank stats panel to indicate the vehicle is a Siege Mode tank -Improved the confirmation display for Consumables and Equipment -Post-mortem cam is now positioned higher and further back in third person for increased visibility -New Commander Skill Added: Rollover Recovery Skill – Reduces Flip time by 50%

Bug Fixes: -Can now gift Bundles even if you already own the tanks -Kaunas: No longer a blue tint to smoke/shadows -Handbrake Control scheme no longer incorrectly opens a player’s profile -Replay Team list now scrolls to support longer names -Fisherman’s Bay loading screen no longer has a Ghost tank in the map image -MVP Screen is no longer missing information in certain circumstances -Boosters menu can now be accessed after using Filters -Silver audio no longer gets stuck on a loop -Camos are correctly applied when two or more camos are purchased -Kaunas: Rock at H0 now has collision -Server population display now hides correctly when hiding the UI in the garage -Tank health display on the HUD now displays correctly in all languages -Tank stats filter now works in the Profile stats section -Steppes: Spawn point adjusted so it’s not on a rock -Emblem icons are now appearing correctly in the Emblem preview panel -Alternate modules for Premium tanks are now correctly unlocked for impacted users -M46 Patton: adjusted the progression so the turret is in the first unlock slot -Using “hide UI” in the Flag menu no longer keeps the camera zoomed in on the tank even after returning to the Vehicles tab -Bourrasque Emblem and Inscriptions now display correctly -The Premium Time display will now decrement lower than 1 day -Firing sound no longer cuts off when switching between first and third person -El Halluf no longer has a hole in the rock at A7 -Earthshaker engine audio now works correctly -Fixed the visual appearance and camo of many vehicles -Steppes rock formation at G8 no longer has a hole in it -TVP 50/51 barrel no longer clips into the sniper cam -T10 now unlocks the radios in the correct order -Audio cues now play when the crew is hurt or healed in match -T54 now plays the correct engine audio -M60 MoE now display on the barrel -Cliff rock at E2 no longer has a hole

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