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Frontline episode 5 – Review/Opinion

WorldofTanks5 - Frontline episode 5 - Review/Opinion

So, when I start to play FL this episode I got curious and felt like doing a spread sheet and I did. Now at the end of this episode I feel like I should post it here. Everything I'm writing here is my opinion and my experience while I played this episode.

So,to start here the link to the spreadsheet :
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Tanks I used (most to least)

– M40 spg (I'm grinding this)

– T-44-100

– Defender

– Progetto 46

– Lorr 40t

– ELC even 90

– Lynx 6×6

– FV4202

I tried to get as much data as I can each battle without spending hours so, comments are most of the time my feelings of each game not an overall what happen during each game.

To start, I personally hated defending games but I got over it after some time. I didn't played last episode (4) . So during FL games the one that was consistant was the lack of knowledge of how to play the mode. I couldn't really understand why was most of the players didn't understood basic mechanics such as, capturing a base after killing the defending tanks near the cap or not to destroy objectives when 2/3 of the teams are under lit rank and have 10+ mins left on the game. But after watching this from Claus I understood a bit why,
><noscript><img src= - Frontline episode 5 - Review/Opinion


Putting the lack of knowledge of players aside, There were couple of issues, (IMO)

– one of the issue is wheeled light tanks specially the EBRs zipping around and capping basses all around the map and as soon as they General rank which they get the time they cap E or D they go directly for objectives as they don't need anything else from that game even though most of team are below captain rank and they get help from uninformed allies who aren't even lieutenant rank.

– next issue I had was defending B and D, These two cap points can't really be defended by the defending team unless they goes into the enemy team line of fire and die while defending so,basically suicide defense. and there are lots of players who change flanks. I had games where there were only 4 defenders on B & E and most of the defenders were on C & A.

– There is a situation that happens when a team destroys objective 1 and defending team leaves that area to defend the obj 2. You can shoot the objective 2 by going behind the house near objective 1. (See the image for the position) There's another position near the objective 4 where attacking team can attack the objective 4 with somewhat safety. Most of the people have no idea this is happening and I have seen multiple players of the defending team going pass me to defend objective 4 as they thought there were someone else next to the objective.


-When respawning after getting killed or switching capture points to help a point, the game spawns players too far away from the capture points that they can't get to the points. For example there were many instances where while I was defending B I go into the capture point to defend and get killed by camping TDs on the back and spawns all the way back near the diving line of B/E same goes for D.

When it comes to positives, the credit I earned from playing FL was really nice I didn't use any booster while playing and made around 7.8 million credits, lots of xp for my tanks mainly M40/43, 63k xp and crew training with the premium tanks.

Even though playing the same map over and over again with same tanks it get bit frustrating and boring.

I really liked the changes they made for consumables, it felt right having 3 on a slow heavy tank and only having 1 on SPGs and Litghts.

The spread of attack/defense games was around 50%.

So, when I started this episode, for first few games I started with light tanks as I did in Ep 1, 2, & 3 (Didn't played 4 had exams) but I after getting frustrated I started playing arty (as I had to get 200k xp on M40, now at 63k) but started to get attack mode. Then it hit me, even though I've to wait bit longer in queue I just started playing arty as my 1st tank. There was couple reasons, one grinding it, second was if I get defense mode I could get to rank lit or captain easily without much effort. And in a case where I got to attack just abandon the tank (YES, yous can abandon your tank by pressing and holding 'J') and get into a medium or a heavy tank.

After seeing the Tier 9 reward tank (
><noscript><img src= - Frontline episode 5 - Review/Opinion

) I'm wondering If it's worth doing this. Have to think about this.

If I remember anything else will update the post but for now this is it.

Here's quick recap of FL episode 5 : (Detailed spreadsheet is above)

Time spent is playing frontline not counting loading or the time between lunching games etc..

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