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Frontlines; A guide for the superior SPG (M40/M43) and a Thank You to the players.

WorldofTanks2 - Frontlines; A guide for the superior SPG (M40/M43) and a Thank You to the players.

To start off with I would like to that the players that constantly complained about SPGs and their combat reserves in Frontlines, you have effectively created this guide by your own hand. Thank You.

This morning I completed this season +two prestige with only fifty one games needed in a spg, the M40/M43, netting myself the Emil 1951. Had a few very low games, lieutenant, early season and in the mornings but still managed to be Major and
xpmRRLr - Frontlines; A guide for the superior SPG (M40/M43) and a Thank You to the players.

General more often than not. This is even after players complained about spgs having three combat reserves, which it was too much, but should have only been taken down to two, engineering and airstrike or second spg to help cover the team during reload. With only having one combat reserve you should pick up engineering as it will award you the most points towards ranking up.

How to gain the most out of playing a spg during frontlines; (point system)

*+10 Targets in Cap 1. Low health target that has a fair amount of cap points. Those cap points when removed will away the greatest amount of return for your 35~ seconds of waiting.

*+7 Targets in Cap 2. Aim for groups of tanks in a cap when possible even to the point of waiting a few extra seconds for the next tank to join up to your target location. (if you hit four or more tanks add an anime giggle)

*+5 Stunning or tracking a tank that your team is about to encircle. A stunned or tracked tank will award you a good amount of points if the target is near full.


*+2 Killing a low health target when nothing else to do. As a spg I noticed that outright damage to a target did not yield enough to counter the reload timer without the backup combat reserve to cover a cap when needed.

*-50 Helping save a teammate from getting killed. Never worth the return. They are only there to spot cap and to kill tanks that you have stunned or tracked.

xafxdET - Frontlines; A guide for the superior SPG (M40/M43) and a Thank You to the players.

Here is a map of places that I set up as well as the coverage of each place. These locations give the optimal return due to being able to almost hit every inch of a cap that they are allocated to accept D. Cap D I tended to completely ignore as it was not worth setting up for over driving to the other side of the map and setting up for C/F and E.

I would like to add that if attacking just hit targets that are coming for a cap. When you run out of ammo then hold J and get a tank that is more useful.

Final notes: Thank you, Wargaming for creating a game mode in which being completely selfish is better than playing as a team. Please understand I did not plan to play this way but due to player complaints resulting in reduced combat reserves this ended up being the result if I still wished to play a spg during Frontlines.

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