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Frontlines is in a sad state right now. Proposed fixes.

WorldofTanks1 - Frontlines is in a sad state right now. Proposed fixes.

Reward structure is 100% backwards, ranking up is flawed

  • Goals inside the game are not aligned with rewards outside the game.

  • Winning the game doesn't grant anything.

  • Winning the game fast actually hurts your gains because you don't have time to rank up, so you're punished for being really better than the enemy team. This breeds resentment as some player try to win fast while others just want to rank up.

  • Team effort in the cap is only rewarded if you dodge incoming fire, if you're shot you get nothing even it deflected fire from teammates that actually capped. This rewards stalling and ninja capping, not team play.

  • The correct way to maximize ranking up is to play around cap as much as possible while making sure the game is as long as possible.

  • Defense is not rewarding enough. The only way you can really rank up in defense is when attackers make suicidal moves into cap. Preventing the attackers from reaching the cap is not efficient and will only drive them to another zone.

  • Steamrolling the enemy may sound fun, but it's actually the worst thing that happens reward-wise: everyone (attackers or defenders) are punished with low rank progression

Wheeled tanks are broken

  • Progettos are everywhere, but at least you can hit them, pen them, kill them quite easily because their strength lie in their flexibility.

  • Wheeled tanks are already powerful in random battles but become broken in Frontlines because they're way less constrained by terrain boundaries, corridors, forced choke points.

  • They outperform regular lights with their ability to accelerate fast, allowing them to get in the cap and out of it. A majority of cap fights, especially in the first points, are all about wheeled tanks running in circles.

  • Don't even get me started about wheeled tank platoons.

  • They force an even faster pace, ruling out slower tanks in a harsher way than before their introduction. This shifts the meta even more strongly towards fast mediums (Progetto, T-44, …).

I witnessed today on point A 7 wheeled tanks (EBR + Lynx) out of 13 attackers. We ran out of tanks to enter the cap while we missed 70%+ of the shots at them and they capped. They invalidated roughly 3/4 of the defending team by being almost impossible to hit where they were.

While this is the worst offending case I've encountered, wheelies are plaguing the game in many different ways.

Solo attacking objectives with impunity is a real issue because it's hard to only commit one tank to chase them, despite objectives being able to spot, because they're so fast. If you want to counter a lone wheeled tank behind your lines, good luck and send 3+ tanks (or 2+ lights).

With more space, they're also more deadly 1-on-1, especially because of their auto-aim which can be really ridiculous at times. Since 1 in 3 (or 2) shots are just going to hit a wheel anyway…


  • Winning the game ranks you up one rank.

  • Ban wheeled tanks in Frontlines, period. Gameplay is shittier for everyone involved, except wheeled tank pilots. They invalidate a lot of enemy tanks, impose an unhealthy pace on the game and just weight too much in terms of game balance.

  • As long as you stay in the cap, all cap points you get contribute to your rank even when you're reset.

  • Added rank contribution for every minute spent in a successfully defended zone, this will reward strong defenses regardless of attempts to actually cap.

This will not fix every problem in Frontlines, the mode will still reward mobility over almost anything else (yes, LT-432 is also an issue), but it should be more enjoyable overall.

Comments, feedback and suggestions welcome.

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