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Frontlines is only a grind if you make it a grind.

WorldofTanks7 - Frontlines is only a grind if you make it a grind.

I see a lot of comments on here complaining Frontlines feels like to much of a grind. It 100% does not to me. Here's why:

  • Treat it like it's fun. Do you play your progetto and skorpion and EBR and that's all you do? Those three tanks, measuring your progress and credits at the end, and then doing it again? Yeah, that sounds awful. When's the last time you queued up with your KV-4? Knowing it's going to be awful but just taking it out for a spin and see what happens? When did you last ran a game of all non-premiums, or a t8 you have but don't have unlocked all the way yet? Go into it knowing you'll only get Lieutenant, and just kick around and have fun for a game.

  • Don't stare at your rank after every match. So you only got Major last time? Big deal. Queue it up and play another round. Just because it's theoretically possible to get 1200 points in a match doesn't mean you need to beat yourself up for only getting 900. This isn't school; you're not being graded; no one is looking over your shoulder in disgust. Try and take the pressure off. It's like losing weight or investing in the stock market or going to the gym. You're not supposed to check it every day. The ups and downs of an individual match only serve to discourage, so measure your results by day or by prestige rank. it'll make it more fun.

  • Play with the battle power-ups and tank mods. You usually have Engineering and Spy Plane? Try the smokescreen for a battle. Your tank's equipment is always rammer/vents/optics? Load up suspension and spall liner. This is a great chance to actually try it without it affecting your wn8. You might find a playstyle you really like, or at the very least it'll make you grateful for your tried & true setups next week when we're back to randoms. You think people hate you in your EBR now? Try it with suspension when half their shots now just plain bounce off the wheels instead of even slowing you. Play with it.

I think people get too obsessive about the goal and the mission and the prestige. I'm playing for these things too, yes. But not at the expense of having fun. This is not a test, there is no grade, sure it has its problems and they are frustrating, but this is still a game. It's supposed to be fun. Your grind will seem to go faster and you'll end the day still liking the game if you ease up the pressure to perform and figure out how to enjoy it.

o7 and if I see you out there, there's a good chance I'll be in my AT-15. 😛

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