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Frontlines – Where are we now and what have we learned?

WorldofTanks8 - Frontlines - Where are we now and what have we learned?

Hey everyone. With the conclusion of frontlines episode 3, I thought I'd post some general thoughts about the game. First though, I will say I've completed through 4-10. I basically missed the entire first weeks, so I've gotten through more than two prestige levels in each of the next two rounds. If you fell behind, there is still lots of time to catch up (especially if you don't care about reaching prestige 10).

So now lets talk about what I've learned and what I see ahead of me:

  • I'm free to play and play rather aggressive to take caps. That means I also die a lot, so after the battle, i don't appear to be earning many credits. This is a bit misleading though, because you get bonus credits as you level up through a prestige level (almost $2 million by the time you get to the next prestige). It is quite profitable, even if it doesn't seem like it.
  • It seems like the ability to cap/block is getting more nuanced. In the early rounds, you could pour onto the cap and overwhelm the enemy and they didn't seem to understand how to defend well. Alternatively, if you were near a cap that had a building, you could often park on the opposite side of a structure and the capping enemy was oblivious to why they weren't getting any cap points. That doesn't work well either. Now it seems that on defense, you need people to snipe from the flanks. They can pick up cap defense points while doing this, so players have an incentive to do this. Alternatively, to cap a base you need the same thing. Attackers don't get any sort of cap pt bonus for sniping though, so it is harder to get support.
  • I still am struggling to figure out how to equip my tanks with combat reserves. Like I said above, I'm free to play, so the tanks at my disposal are limited to what I can get for free. In round 1, I used my type 59, T54Mod1, and pilot. I ran engineering and would cap or sit on cap to block. If I try that now, I get sniped to death in seconds. I've been trying to experiment with more light tanks to get XP through smoke screens and inspire, but I often die before those go active. I also have an IS6B and T34B, but i don't enjoy them in the normal game mode. I'm thinking about making them frontlines tanks for the rest of the year and running engineering with a spall liner (to protect against arty/airstirkes). That might help with my love for capping/cap blocking).
  • I'm not sure peopel really looked at the reward structure. I heard lots of people talking about getting two tanks, but that they don't care which ones. I'm not sure if they realize they need to complete prestige 8, just to get the WZ and the STA2. @ more prestige levels and you can get the Emil and the mystery tank. This is just my opinion, but if you want two tanks, be prepared to go all the way to level 10.
  • I find frontlines to be surprisingly stressful… It is a combo of factors, but I feel like it is both a grind AND I feel like I need to rush in games. when the first objective dies and I'm 50% through my current rank, I start panicking when there are no opportunities to deal immediate dmg. I also am pretty sure I will miss a future week while away on vacation (almost 100% sure of it) and that kills me to know that I'll need to play catch up all over again. I know I don't HAVE to play, but I do like the challenge of getting 2 free tanks.
  • WG managed to find a way to make arty even more hated than in the regular game mode, while also making it the easiest way to level up to general. I tried it one time to see what the hype was about, and after a 10 minute queue, I got in and made general. The only consolation I get is that 1/2 the players waiting in that long line will get slotted on offense which is a waste, and they lose out on play time in the queue, so that aren't benefiting as much as they think.
  • Repair circles don't give free repairs. I always thought the only repair costs came from dead tanks or from dmg not repaired before the end of the battle. That said, if you keep using the SAME tanks, your repair costs are limited to the total repair costs, so if you repair 3 times at 50%, your repair costs are still limited to 100%.
  • If you get shot while repairing, you are going to die. Taking dmg while repairing blocks the repairs for 5 minutes!!! That is longer than if you repair completely (3 minutes). Don't get artied/airtriked/shot while on a repair circle or you are pretty much done for.

So those are my findings, thoughts, and opinions. Let me know if you agree/disagree (or if I made some mistakes). Thanks for reading!

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