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FV4005 Massive Nerf explained, from Multi-Perspective sense.

WorldofTanks8 - FV4005 Massive Nerf explained, from Multi-Perspective sense.

Yes it is me again.

I was the one wrote about the deleted post titled as <<FV4005 Nerf in 2019 Supertest is the Biggest Mistake>>

That post was deleted because I wrote that from a FV4005 victim perspective, despite I am a very heavy FV4005 player.

In order to convey my intepretion of WG intention of “nerfing” FV4005 via this patch, I shall tackle this subject from a few perspective while supported by this tank’s characteristic. (Good, Ugly and Uniqueness)


  1. This FV4005 is about, 1750 alpha with 230mm HESH PEN (WG will not touch/alter/nerf this aspect 100% for sure, without its 183mm gun, this tank cease to exist)
  2. 14mm turret armor allows 0 chance of overmatch bounces, only its gun can be used to block lucky shots (and damaged the gun), HE shell deals full damage to FV4005 turret
  3. Almost 0 camouflage, FV4005 is not meant to play in DPM build (EGLD, Vents & Rammer), it will be spotted easily.


My points (later I will elaborate further on different perspective)###

Reasons of nerfing its gun accuracy aiming time: To reduce its close-mid range support fire role in heavy lines.Reasons of nerfing its reverse speed: To reduce peek-boom-retreat role in heavy lines (mid-short range as well).Reason of nerfing its hull traverse: To reduce the brawling/melee flanking capability in heavy lines.

WG will never nerf its reload time, because it is balanced against its gun calibre.WG will never nerf HESH, because FV4005 has neither Camo nor Armor, FV4005 represent an extreme symbol of trading everything, for maximum ALPHA damage.WG will never nerf other aspects, because FV4005 belongs to the ultimate high risk, high rewards, & 1 of the highest skill ceiling tanks if played well.


For Those who support this FV4005 Nerf & asking for more ###


1. It is not FV4005’s massive 1750 HESH fault AT ALL if you get shot from the side/rear blindly, it’s your own mistakes + FV4005 player effort.

2. FV4005 traded everything to get its massive alpha, it is very easy to get killed by counter-focus-fire, once spotted(easily too)


3. The reason of this Nerf is not because of FV4005 HESH alpha, its because its annoyance against side-scraping/angling heavies such as 705a/Maus

4. 1-shotting a moving high speed mediums/lights with the risk of being spotted, takes a lot of tanking skill. Instead of ranting FV4005 alpha, LT/MT players should focus on not getting shot and improve.

5. If you can’t accept the extremities of tier X tanks especially FV4005, please stop at tier 9 MM.

6. Current nerf is more than enough to filter between monkey players and skilled FV4005 drivers, I am still disagree with -4 kmh reverse nerf though.

7. This nerf is aimed at those close range HESH/HE spammers against heavies, while setting FV4005 into a higher skill ceiling tank in good hands. Good players enjoy the rewards & risks of having such massive alpha.


For Those who actually disagree with the FV4005 Nerf###

1. In case if you not aware, after BIA + Vents + EGLD + Food, FV4005’s Aim time & Dispersion easily RIVAL Russian tier 9 medium-heavy T-10 (2.4 sec & 0.33 dispersion)

2. In case if you not aware, after BIA + Vents + EGLD + Food, Fv4005’s View range, Terrain resistance & Hull traverse easily RIVAL against T-10

3. From 2 points above, Gunhandling and mobility of FV4005 can be improved by credits up to par with T-10.

4. And this kind of credits & equipment improvment, enable current FV4005 spam HE/HESH against heavies/superheavies easily.

5. This FV4005 NERF, is aimed to reduce the support fire role instead of simply outright killing the tank.

**My final point is:**

Most of the time FV4005’s 1750 HESH is not the issue, IT IS the close range snapshotting HE/HESH against heavies with its good mobility + 183mm calibre

However -4 kmh reverse speed is really hurting a big big chunk of FV4005's odds to survive.

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