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German Tank Destroyer Side Tree

WorldofTanks7 - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree

The brief: On a recent post on a German Assault and TD tree, I said I would attempt to make a mini tree for german TDs, but they all had to exist… So here we go…

Tier 3: 7,5cm PAK 40 Raupenschleper Ost (RSO)

Obligatory images:
Pak 40 auf Raupenschlepper Ost 1 - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree

side drawing and
rso tank destroyer.spg german ww2 - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree
suvivor image

The general idea for this vehicle is slap a big gun on a very commonly found fully tracked tractor. The cabin was reworked to allow the new gun to pass over it, now leaving the 2 drivers in the open.

Crew would be of 4: Driver, Commander, loader and Gunner, with the first 2 being in the front section and the latter around the gunshield. Ammo capacity would be 28 rounds of 75mm ammunition, which is the calibre it would keep throughout upgrades. Both guns would be identical to the Marder 2s, just with the pak40/2 renamed to pak40/4, just for realism, as both will play similarly Mobility wise. It would be quite slow 25/7 forwards and backwards respectively. shortened name would be PAK40 RSO

More information can be found
Pak 40 auf Raupenschlepper Ost - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree


Tier 4: Sd. Kfz. 234/4 (or that one vehicle that MikeGoesBoom memed)

SdKfz 234 4 westernfront1945 - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree

drawing and
330px Panzermuseum Munster 2010 0404 - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree
proof of existence

So yeah… it's the Puma… 8 wheeled bundle of fun that I can see people taking out just to counter French wheeled vehicles with your massive cock gun. Unlike that Puma, you don't have a turret, so bush kemping and doriftos will be rewarded with this vehicle.

Crew would again be of 4 (driver, commander, gunner, loader) where they should be. Ammo would be of 30 rounds of 75mm rounds, kept throughout. Stock gun is the pak40/4, and upgrade is the pak40/3 from the Marder38t to increase reload slightly, but not to where they're the same. Mobility is speshul at best, due to 80kmph being a bit ridiculous, top speed will be limited to 65 kmph, still fast, but not insanely for low tiers, with reverse being 20kmph. name would be sdkfz234.

Tier 5: Sd. Kfz. 251/22 (yes, the 22nd variant)

SdKfz 251 22 ausf D 75mm KwK38 - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree

drawing and
Pakwagen 600x394 - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree
proof of existence

WOOT WOOT IT'S A HALF TRACK! As wheeled vehicles have come, why don't we have the most-used vehicle in the German Army during the war: the Sd.Kfz. 251. It won't be nearly as fast as the Puma, but it would have some of the most powerful guns at the tier, though they were never mounted, the vehicle existed, so yeah… I'm doing that…


Crew is 4, same format, where they should be. Ammo for 75mm guns will be 35 and ammo for 88mm is 30. Now to guns… Stock is the pak40/3 from before, 1st upgrade is the pak39 L/48 from the StuG, 2nd upgrade is the pak42 L/70 from the StuG again. The final, not needed, upgrade is the pak L/56 off the Flatpanzer/Flakbus. This brings the true power, high alpha for the tier and a decent rate of fire. Mobility wise: top speed is 50kmph, reduced from 55 due to balance with reverse at 15kmph. name would be sdkfz251/22 (in case any other variant is added, as there's a lot of them)

Tier 6: Ardelt/Krupp Waffentrager

934d3183fbc2e4e61951695cd4177028 - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree

drawing and
005 waffardelt - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree
proof of existence

The top 2 vehicles of this mini tree are from the same project: an attempt to make a light, cheap tank destroyer that mounted the 88mm L/71 gun with 50 rounds of ammunition, this was the chosen version: the Ardelt/Krupp version.

Crew is (guess what) 4 with (no prizes for guessing) driver, commander, loader, gunner, with 50 rounds of 88mm ammo and 40 rounds of 105mm ammo. So stock is the L/56 gun from before, 1st ugrade is the 88mm L/71 gun, the realistic gun and would fit well on this branch. Final sidegrade is the 105mm gun off the Dicker Max. Of course to protect wad, the gun will not be as good as it is on the Dick, but will still be a fair choice. Mobility will be to 40kmph forwards and 10kmph backwards, so still decent but not as good as the previous vehicles. name will be Waffentrager Ardelt

Tier 7 (the end): Ardelt/Rheinmetall Waffentrager

Images: Can't find a drawing and
32496146fa34cc50f8b815e46c301aa1 - German Tank Destroyer Side Tree

proof of existence

Again, same history as previous vehicle, but this time, Ardelt is working with Rheinmetall, the turret is is armoured all around, so it's slightly better and it's much smaller, so it's a bit stealthier.

I'm not going to bother with crew, it's the same. Ammo is same again but new ammo is added: 128mm ammo count is 30. Stock gun is the L/71, so it's a smooth grind compared to the other tds at the tier. the 105mm is also an option here, but that's not the big thing: the thing you want the 128mm that's also seen on the Sturer Emil. The big difference between the 2 identical guns is the XP needed 65000 compared to 58500k. This will make the grind longer and so, more painful even though your guns are good. Mobility will be identical to the previous tank, just maybe with a slightly better engine. Name will be Waffentrager rhm.(.)

And that's that. The line ends there to connect to the rhm borsig waffentrager with a slightly higher xp needed, 75000 compared to the 71000 from the sturer emil.

Feel free to post suggestions or other ideas that could work.

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