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Goodbye World of Tanks, and here’s why

WorldofTanks3 - Goodbye World of Tanks, and here's why

I've been playing World of Tanks for over seven years now – probably more than one should ever play a video game, but heck: this game really has its moments. I played almost 31,000 games, took part in three Clan War Campaigns and won reward tanks, I played Frontline, I fulfilled the personal missions for the 260 and so on and I ALWAYSused to have fun in the past – however, this fun has steadily been decreasing for the last 2 years until now I simply won't bear the frustration any more.

To me, it seems as if Wargaming is simply not interested in providing a good product, and here is why I came to this conclusion:

I was once hoping they actually gave a damn and listen to the EU community (I don't know what the russians are up to, but if they like the current state of the game I'm fine with that – but I'm sure as hell the EU community is not as happy; every single one of the content creators I know have criticized the game massively in the past few months.), but it would simply take a lot of time because "large company, many people to talk to, etc". But they didn't.

Maybe this is all because Wargaming has evolved into a greedy company like so many others in the video game industry and only cares about money and absolutely nothing else, maybe because they listen to the RU community exclusively or maybe they are simply absolutely clueless and have no idea of how their own game works, yet unwilling to listen to their community contributors, some of which represent tens or even hundreds of thousands of players.

This year started off with a promising video from Wargaming, hinting at some massive changes for the game that might be planned for the coming year. However, three months have passed now and they have not managed to release a single video or statement about what they are working on exactly or how they plan on doing this; instead, we get some idiotic wheeled vehicles which are way too fast for the server update rate to handle (not even mentioning that they hardly fixed any of the terrain-hitbox problems they introduced with their rushed 1.0 HD patch in a desperate attempt to get players back) and are annoying as hell since 99% of people cannot handle them properly and end up getting killed within 35-50 seconds or screw over a few players' games by rushing across the map and getting them caught with their pants down because they weren't quick enough to react. This is especially punishing for inexperienced or poor players, or people playing with slow heavy tanks. Of course, this is not as much of an issue on any of the corner-jacking-off-corridor-maps Wargaming has given us over the past few years, but it is on the few remaining good maps.

A short time ago they decided that swedish heavy tanks needed a rework – they have been in the game for about two to three years now and in my opinion they are not perfectly balanced, but fine overall.

But Wargaming is on top of things, as always, and realized that they needed to rework those tank instead of reworking things people have been moaning about for years, be it the retarded amount of RNG on penetration (which is only really noticeable as soon as one hits the mid to high tiers, as low tier tanks mostly have no armor to speak of), they retarded accuracy mechanics meant to aid heavy tanks so "they don't get sniped in their >weak points< all the time from across the map" (of which most got removed, there are quite a few tanks that do not even have weakspots at all and can only be penetrated by super strong guns or premium ammunition by equal tier vehicles, a giant "fuck you!" to all tanks with weak penetration or low tier tanks).

The Matchmaking is unbearable at times and scares off a large portion of the new players, as they constantly have to face tanks two tier higher which they can hardly damage and lost a huge part of their hitpoints to in a single hit; the Matchmaking does not hesitate to place 11 support tanks in one single match – how on earth is that supposed to work out? Four tanks, some of which are most likely low tier cannon fodder, are supposed to get the game going while ELEVEN tanks with huge guns shoot them to pieces if they dare to make a move?

7l9ptxbrvok21 - Goodbye World of Tanks, and here's why

Some good fun 3-5-7 template matchmaking. I usually don't play arty, but it's superb for eating stuff.

I have been playing a bit with a newbie friend of mine and his brand-new account (used an invite code tho) and as soon as we hit tier IV he started complaining about having o fight tier VI tanks almost all the time in his tiny tier IV tanks and we stopped playing because he was frustrated as heck (I didn't necessarily have a great time either) and we went off to play something else.


Wargaming is trying to propel people up the ranks as fast as possible, as soon as a new player completes the boot camp he gets a tier tech tree VI tank of his choice. I have come to the conclusion that this is because they know that low tiers absolutely suck and also, people can meet the power creep premium tanks at tier VI – OFC getting stomped by them cause they are not only two tiers higher but also overpowered – and this might lead them into buying some of those tanks.

High tiers are almost impossible to be competitive in without firing premium ammunition which is about 4-6 times the cost of regular ammo (this is how I feel, not even mentioning what an average-joe player has to say about this!) and in some cases is blatantly better in every regard than regular ammunition. This calls for a premium account to minimize the losses (because let's face it, tier X tanks don't make constant profit even when playing with a premium account) and of course the newest and best premium tanks to be competitive enough to earn lots of money quickly.

Many of the maps in the game require tweaking, as they have lots of bugs like hitbox problems where you will shoot into walls you can't see and slide around on rocks like on a piece of wet soap and are simply not well-made.

Some maps like Mines are superb for lower tiers as they offer a simple concept with short routes to drive and offer a good opportunity to learn some of the basic game principles while having a good time and getting into engagements quickly.

y4bn9jt4zok21 - Goodbye World of Tanks, and here's why

These are the approximate distances to drive for each spawn for the first encounter.

However, maps like these are not made to be played at higher tiers – tanks are too fast and have way too much view range. If you play Mines at tiers above V, you will always get a bunch of fast vehicles trying to climb the hill at the start and usually about three quarters of them get murdered within the first minute. The surivors sit on the hill and spot for their team, usually forcing the enemy to sit around close to hill and do nothing because otherwise they will get harrassed by artillery etc.

It,s that simple: not all maps are playable for all the tiers, so go ahead and limit the tiers for maps like Mines to I-V.

Other maps like Prokorovkha, which are vast and open with lots of bushes and trees are not good for low tiers – tanks won't be able to spot effectively or even use their guns properly as they are immensely inaccurate at long ranges.

These maps should be exclusive to tier VI-X, for instance.

And for those maps that are just poorly designed: let people vote on the two worst maps to be reworked each month, then go ahead and do that. Maybe ask some pro players or community contributors, consider their advice.

Last but not least, the game balance itself is terrible. There are so many tanks that are absolutely useless, and so many tanks that are borderless braindead and could be played by my grandfather who has hardly ever touched a computer to great success. Tanks have been forgotten and not changed for years, the Leopard 1 is supposed to fulfill a sniping long-range support role, yet has much worse dispersion values than a russian heavy tank with poor accruacy.

Because of that and the 357 matchmaker which not only makes the team rely heavily on the three top tier players (i.e. you hope they are not retarded; usually one of them is an artillery and sometimes one additional tank destroyer, which means there is only one single tank left to take a leading role) but also happily matches a Leopard 1 up against a russian tier X medium tank with heavy tank armor like the 430U on a city map, the games have gotten so short that at times a game at tier X can take just 2 minutes to be decided (I won't count the last few tanks sitting around, waiting to get farmed as interesting part of the game) and that is simply not fun.

The only game mode that I have genuinely enjoyed over the past months is the Frontline game mode, where you can play 30v30 in on tier VIII exclusive huge 9 square kilometer map – you always have a fair chance and if your team mates play poorly, you can simply respawn on another flank.

Anyways, this turned out to be a pretty long rant…but I simply had to let off some steam.

I won't be playing World of Tanks anymore, apart from the occasionaly Frontline week once a month unless Wargaming introduces radical changes.

Have a nice one boys!

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