World of Tanks

Great team damage system you got there wargaming – i will use what i learned :)

WorldofTanks2 - Great team damage system you got there wargaming - i will use what i learned :)


i get pushed, die and get the bills lol- thanks.

No worries. He s on ignor and i will repay the favor sometime, just to get even 🙂

@Bored rest:

As most, i do enjoy playing my Heavies… lots td… here and there meds… and once in a wile light or artillery (< 1/10th)

Like for missions… in this case i done it to get crates. Nothing fancy about that.

And i supported my team plenty. 10 shots, 16 hits (that's splash for you)

2321 damage, 3kills, one of which being a 4005… (a big threat to any team, right?)

Now i didn't notice the Spam of T30. (Only after watching the replay to get an idea why the fu*k he did that.

Edit: not like i could have supported that much without being spotted and killed (therefor probably loosing the endgame) Relocate = No angle anyway.

He done 11 shots (only 6 hits!) and done 1651 damage – 1 kill (probably stock gun, which doesn't explain his shit aim).

~ but OH apparently i forced him to do his share. Barely pulling his own HP this game! HOW DARE I… leaving him with people on the right, while our guys run into TD's in base and fight off heavies!!! ME SO AWFUL for not solving every problem and serve tea… (not that i heard a single complaint of the 3 competent people alive. Wasn't quite a 15:0 here.

T49 and JT full HP on end? While our guys advance to base? Now that could ended quite differently, quickly!

A good splash on chains and spot and the TD does the rest. Easy as pie. I guess we all figure that's an issue eh?

Luckily however PhoenixJusticeWarrior did the right thing and pushed me against a cliff, for doing my job, but not doing it the way he wanted too.

On average he hangs around 1200… 48,97% winrate.

Read:  SU-130PM / Winter Challenge Expected Grinding Duration

Me close too 1600, 52,42% winrate.

Lesson being: shit players will be shit and good players have to pay the price. Literally.

Ty wg.

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