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[GUIDE] Best Assignment for Women (or Other Special) Crew

WorldofTanks4 - [GUIDE] Best Assignment for Women (or Other Special) Crew

Why Is It Important?

Crew skills are one of the most annoying grinds in World of Tanks. As you can see, each perk or skill requires twice the experience of the previous one. For that reason, so called "zero-skill" crews are highly prized. Zero-skill means that the crew member comes with the benefit of a skill or perk that does not count as a learned skill, for the purpose of calculating future skill XP requirements. Practically speaking, that means on the graph above each skill moves down a tier, so the 2nd skill would require only as much XP as the 1st, the 4th would require only as much as 3rd, etc.

NOTE: Just because crew comes with a skill/perk already trained, this does not mean it's actually zero-skill. Always check with other knowledgable players before buying a bundle that contains crew. Recently WG has given-away a special Commander as part of the Twitch Prime promotional bundle. Although she came with 3 skills trained, only the first is "zero-skill."

Women Crew

Women/female crew are special crew members that can be recruited after completing the 15th mission in each campaign mission track. For example, if you complete the TD-15 mission in the Stug IV campaign set, you can recruit a women crew member. If you complete Bloc-15 in the Excalibur, you can recruit a women, etc. You can often recruit women crew (typically 4 at most) during holiday events.

Women crew come with a zero-skill Brothers In Arms perk. In addition, they also have enough experience in order to train an additional skill or perk of your choosing.

Finally, you can choose the nation and crew qualification of your choice. That means you could recruit a woman as Driver for your T-100 LT, or Commander for your M48A5, etc.


Women (and other special) crew are rare, so you should be thoughtful about how you assign them. Because they have a zero-skill perk, they will accumulate future skills much faster than other crew. Significantly (especially for new players), they can train Sixth Sense right away if assigned a Commander role. Because of this, many players choose to recruit all, or most of their women crew as Commanders.


Besides the obvious benefit of immediately having Sixth Sense, learning additional skills faster is especially important if the Commander serves multiple roles (such as Radio Operator). When thinking about multi-role crew, keep in mind you should plan for the tier 10 vehicle they will eventually be in. If you recruit a women for your LTTB, keep in mind the T-100 LT has different role assignments. Ultimately you'll end up playing far more games in your tier 10s (in most cases) than any other tier, so plan for the future.

Speaking of the T-100 LT, it's an example of a tier 10 with only 3 crew members, so each member has to perform multiple roles. Tanks like this (including Strv 103B, Bat-Chat 25t, and others) are good candidates for multiple women crew, since they need to learn skills and perks for multiple different roles.

Several nations have zero-skill Brothers In Arms crew available for purchase as part of a bundle with certain vehicles. Since those nations can get zero-skill crew directly, they're much less of a priority for women crew (IMO). Women crew are far more valuable for nations that have no other way to acquire zero-skill crew.


Base on the above, I'd recommend the following priority for assigning women (and other special) crew.

  • Bat-Chat 25t
  • AMX 13 105
  • T-100 LT
  • Strv 103B
  • Rhm Panzer
  • Sheridan
  • TVP T50/51
  • Progetto 65**
  • Obj 140/Obj 430U/T-62A
  • AMX 30B
  • STB-1
  • Leopard 1
  • All non-German tier 10 TDs
  • Kranvagn *
  • WZ-111 5A
  • 60TP
  • T57
  • Obj 277
  • T110E5
  • IS-4

Zero-skill BiA crew available with premium vehicle purchase.

Zero-skill BiA crew available with premium vehicle purchase, Russian only.

Zero-skill BiA crew available with premium vehicle purchase of different class (requires retraining).

Zero-skill BiA crew available with premium vehicle purchase of different class (requires retraining), USA & UK only.

Good candidates for multiple women crew members.

*You cannot retrain any of the Primo Victoria crew to be commanders, but they can be retrained to any other role.

**Even if you got Buffon during the promotion, it's still worth keeping and playing the Standard B (Prototipo), so having a second commander with zero-skill BiA is worth it.


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