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Had this lovely exchange with this guy who was mad that I stayed unspotted in the bushes… In my Marder 38T.

WorldofTanks10 - Had this lovely exchange with this guy who was mad that I stayed unspotted in the bushes... In my Marder 38T.

(For context he told me after he died that "I had lost the team the game by staying back, scared in the bushes", we actually won this game and I did pretty good.)

(Censored) (7:08:45 PM) yes i fucking know why marders use fucking bushes….. but you sat back when you needed to move up

(Censored) (7:09:08 PM) it doesn't mean you have to sit in the same bush the whole battle

(me) (7:10:01 PM) I moved a total of 6 times, each time up, I was not willing to move up while the M4 was unspotted.

(Censored) (7:11:02 PM) you have 244 battles in your marder 38T and a horrible (Censored so I dont get clowned on, im bad, but newish) wn8 stat….. it means you probably sit in the same spot the whole battle in every battle you are in and dont pay attention to the mini map and redeploy when needed

(me) (7:16:54 PM) I dont remeber saying I had a good Wn8. I have been playing this game for a total of a week after a two year Hiatus, I have a better PC than I did, and Im better at games now because than I was just starting. I dont know why you are talking me up when I won us that match by screwing over the 100Y.

(me) (7:17:58 PM) Also I have 5 battles in the 38T, lol

(Censored) (7:20:46 PM) we almost lost because you waited too long to move up, that's why

(me) (7:31:35 PM) We didnt almost loss? What are you even on about… If anything the T-34-85 took to long to come off the hill, even then… Straight up im just trying to learn this game so its pretty annoying when some guy comes up complaining to me for using the mechanics I actually understand. Honestly your a fool mate.

(Censored) (7:35:17 PM) what's the difference between a moron and an idiot?


(Censored) (7:35:25 PM) one doesn't listen to good advice

(me) (7:39:19 PM) What advice did you give me? "Dont use the Bushes to remain unspotted! just bumrush a M4 blindly with the weakest armour possible!". Just because you fucked up dosn't mean I fucked up.

(me) (7:41:23 PM) You did 12 hundred damage that match, you just got a little over zealous with you positoning and got shot by the p.43 bis, where was that my fault?

(Censored) (7:42:36 PM) christ did i fucking say "bumrush"? You sat back too long as we flanked on their cap… they turned on us and you should have moved by then and supported.

(Censored) (7:42:55 PM) you decided to stay put until the very end.

(Censored) (7:43:19 PM) you didn't read what was happening on the mini map or froze up

(Censored) (7:43:55 PM) I pinged you repeatedly to move and you clung to that bush like a baby to a tit

(Censored) (7:44:28 PM) I'm done arguing with a moron… to my blacklist you go

(me) (7:44:31 PM) Oh, never mind, I see your are actually quite dumb now and dont understand how guns work huh! You see guns can shoot things at RANGE, meaning proximity plays less of a factor.

(me) (7:44:49 PM) bye

So maybe, fellow players, Dont distract alive players by yelling at them for things that were your fault, pinging the map and calling players that use useful spotting mechanics "Bushbitches".

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