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Help Me Spend 1.15M Free XP

WorldofTanks4 - Help Me Spend 1.15M Free XP

Between being frugal with my mountain of Free XP from WoWP boxes last year, and using my holiday gold to convert massive quantities of Elite XP during WoWP and WoT 40:1 and 35:1 events, I had nearly 1.5M Free XP as of last night. When I finally realized I should spend some of it so I can start getting X5 bonuses on whatever tanks I unlock, I went ahead and Free XP'd down the S.Conq line to the Caernavon and enough modules to make it playable, so that's over 250K gone.

Yes I already spent a bunch of Free XP on boosting new crews, so I have pretty much no crew left to spend XP on, unless I unlock some new lines. I also have all modules I need unlocked and the remaining Free XP is more than enough for my current grinds (Polish tree, S.Conq tree, IS-7 tree).

Here are the options I can think of:

  • Skip the AMX 50 120 and go straight to AMX 50B – 275K
    • I don't feel like playing the 120 with the painful intra-clip reload
    • I also don't really need the 50B, it would just be for fun, because autoloaders
  • Jump to Charioteer – 325K
    • I might need the FV4005 for missions (Obj 260, Chimera, Obj 279e)
    • Would cost even more Free XP to boost the crew
  • Skip the IS-M and go straight to Obj 705 – 370K
    • Might need it for block missions, that's my only interest
    • Shared gun with Obj 257, which I'm also grinding
    • Holy #*$& the modules cost a lot of XP
    • Would cost even more Free XP to boost the crew
  • Jump to Emil I – 290K
    • Basically just hoping the upcoming Kravagn buffs will be worth it
    • Don't need it for missions, already have the AMX M4 51
    • Take advantage of the On-Track for a week
    • Would cost even more Free XP to boost the crew
  • Save it for a new nation/tree
    • I'll probably grind the wheeled vehicles for a little bit to get used to the mechanics, so not looking to Free XP to 10 right away
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Looking at the list, I think I'll probably get the AMX 50B if we have tier 10 discount, so basically just looking on opinions for the other 4 options.

Edit: Here is my list of tanks, for reference I also have the following tier 10s unlocked:

  • 113
  • 132-1
  • T110E5
  • AMX 30B
  • T-62A

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