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Help me understand why the AMX 30B is considered bad

WorldofTanks1 - Help me understand why the AMX 30B is considered bad

So I'm currently playing the BC12t and am wondering what tank I should research first when I get the XP for it. All three lines look interesting, and I eventually want to advance through all of them. All three are fast lightly armored tanks (I enjoy that trade-off) that can do quite a bit of damage. Yet it always seem like players ask about decisions between the BC25t or the AMX 13 105.

Why is the 30B considered bad by so many players? It doesn't have amazing penetration, but with 10mm less than the BC25t (and the same as the 430U), it doesn't seem that bad. It lacks any usable armor apart from a few ricochet angles on the turret, but so do the BC25t and 13 105. It also looks like it has the best gun handling of the three, as well as the best DPM.


Does the penetration of both the silver and gold ammo really hurt it so much? Because it genuinely looks like an enjoyable tank to me on paper, and if I didn't know any better I would give it the first research of the three. Of course it isn't going to match up with a 430U or Object 277 (which I am also playing towards), but that's not the issue for me. Armor is a bonus to me, and if it slows down the tank too much I won't like it's playstyle as much. I already find the IS slow.


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