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How did I manage to receive 3 chat bans in the space of just about 3 weeks?

WorldofTanks2 - How did I manage to receive 3 chat bans in the space of just about 3 weeks?

So I just received my third chat ban today in just about 3 weeks. The first one was for 24h and now the second and third one are for 3 days. I have only ever been banned once before in my 5 years of playing for shooting a teammate 3 times after he pushed and shot me on Mines it was back then I think. Now I sure can be a bit toxic and angry if people play like retards and still haven't figured out or learned anything after having played like 40,000 games already for example. I'm guilty in that regard I guess and I'm not really hear to complain about my bans – although I see MUCH worse in chat on a daily basis with homophobic or even racist remarks being thrown around all over the place. Anyways I personally just never took the report system seriously and didn't think it would ever work on me or that I would ever do enough to get banned. However now I'am banned for the third time already in just about 3 weeks and wondered if anyone else experienced something similiar or if WG maybe changed the system somehow? It just feels as if my reports have stacked up over the years and that there is now a limit reached where I continously get banned as soon as someone reports me for "misbehavior in chat" whether it's justified or not as it is mostly all automated. I guess I just have to keep it on a low for now and wait until my "saved reports" have gone down or something?


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