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How do you actually play TD’s?! (Or any tank for that matter)

WorldofTanks2 - How do you actually play TD’s?! (Or any tank for that matter)

I know there’s tons of content on the subject out there on the internet. I’ve probably read about 15 different guides over the past few days. They all basically say the same thing: find arty-safe hard cover. Try to stay hidden in a bush. Preferably find some hard cover with a bush. Find long sight lines overlooking common flanks to provide covering fire for your allies. Etc etc.

Yeah, I know. That’s all pretty common sense for anyone with half a brain, but in practice, this is easier said than done. There are very few spots, if any, that check off all the boxes. If there were perfect spots on every map, I’m sure everyone would know about them, right?

I’ve also read a lot of “watch the map and try to read the flow of battle.” And “people are predictable. Try to predict their movement and hide where they won’t expect,” and as cool as this sounds, it’s probably the most impractical advice anyone can give you. Yes, you might be able to look at the map and think “hmm. They have this tank. They’re probably going to the town,” but does this actually help? People are not predictable. You can’t account for their intelligence or skill at the game, nor their thought processes or strategies. You might think tank X Is going to location A, but oh look he tried charging across no man’s land and died instantly instead.

Sometimes I have a half baked plan in my head, but then my entire team ends up going to one corner of the map anyway so I just follow them. Isolated tanks are easy to pick off, ya know? And when I follow the herd, I usually don’t contribute much and I end up with less than 300xp, even on a victory.

Sometimes the team is well spread out and it looks like we have a solid defense, but everyone is so stubborn and afraid of taking a hit that I kind of just sit there being useless while I hide and wait for someone to actually do something.


(The reverse is true when I play medium and heavy tanks. I usually try to do something instead of sitting there playing peek-a-boo, but I’m the only one who tries to push and it results in a swift death and absolutely nothing being accomplished)

Other times, and this is probably the most common occurrence, i have a really nice spot with a good view of a choke point and a cool bush to sit behind. I’m sitting there being all proud of myself for being stealthy and ready to ambush the enemy as they come through. And then… of course… nothing happens. They’re sitting behind a rock too afraid to move. My team is sitting behind a rock too afraid to move. I’m sitting behind a bush wondering what I’m supposed to be doing. And then finally, one team manages to push through the choke just by dumb luck. If it’s my team, then I’ve accomplished nothing and I feel bad because the team won and I didn’t even do anything. If it’s the enemy team, they usually spot me after they push through and I only manage to get 1-2 shots off before I die.

So, having said that, I’m not asking for tips or tricks, or where to go on specific maps. I just want experienced TD players to walk me through their thought processes when they play a game. Because honestly I have no clue where to go on any map with any tank, ever. I’m too scared to check my stats but I would say my survival rate is probably about 15%. And who knows what my win rate is?! Probably atrocious. When I do win, it’s usually because I got carried and not because I actually did something amazing. If I do accomplish something, it’s just dumb luck and I can’t replicate it in other games.

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