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How to fix this Wallbreaker aka Mauerbrecher VK168, in a Constructive way for Win-Win outcome

WorldofTanks4 - How to fix this Wallbreaker aka Mauerbrecher VK168, in a Constructive way for Win-Win outcome

In current 3/5/7 meta:

What WG wants as a premium tier 8:

– it must have weakspots to avoid becoming like DEFENDER, and a decent gun to face tier 9 & tier 10 adequately.

What player wants as a premium tier 8:

– the player wants to at least enjoy the pace of current 3/5/7, not spend to suffer in an expensive HP pinata without able to survive and fight back

VK100/Mauschen/Maus: (my understanding)

– All of them sporting strong armor & little weakspots, thus excelling side scraping and angling for most maps

– In order to balance such tanks with very strong all around armor with little weakspots, delaying them to reach battlefield early by setting top speed as 20kmh, perfectly makes sense. Strong armor is not likely allowed to combine with good mobility because it can be overpowered.

What WG did to Mauerbrecher: (Its not really cheap to pay to suffer such a boring 20kmh speed)

– Its strong armor negated by 5 weakspots (Cupola, Turret cheeks, Gun mantle, Machine gun port, lower frontal plate)

– I do understood that weakpoints are necessary for tier 6 & 7 to exploit.

– Its given a decent gun that can deal damage and stand a chance against tier 9 & 10, its view range is 1 of the best credit earners too.


– I do understood that tier 8 heavies armor are not meant to be bouncy against tier 9 & 10, thus turret cheeks and gun mantle having lower armor thickness which can be penentrated if turret is not angled properly.

– BUT you gave Mauerbrecher no room to flex, the boring 20km/h top speed.

– Yes I do agree that tier 8 premium will have to suffer facing tier 9 & 10 most of the time, but no one will trust and pay further to WG after suffer 3/5/7 + boring 20kmh

Win-Win situation for both side: increase Mauerbrecher top speed/engine power to 30kmh (traverses/resistance remain the same)

  1. Its no longer boring to play Mauerbrecher, but still have to play it carefully due to weakspots, but it will be a lot of fun to drive Mauerbrecher in 30kmh.

  2. 30kmh makes it a decent rammer when situation allows. Weakspots are there to avoid spamming on ramming.

  3. Superheavy spall liner will be more useful, & Controlled Impact is no longer useless as a skill.

  4. Mauerbrecher gets to live up its name as "WallBreaker"

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5. When players are having fun on this tank, SALES of this tank will goes up.

Come on Wargaming, be sensible and do the right thing.


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