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How to Frontline. And some questions about how to Frontline. By a severe non-unicum.

WorldofTanks7 - How to Frontline. And some questions about how to Frontline. By a severe non-unicum.

Thoughts after playing just a dozen or so battles, only making Captain one time and listening to some unicums. For context, I am a solid 52.3% player (and have been for years in pub non-toon battles and that is going neither up nor down). No idea what my WN8 is nowadays and I don't care; I go with WGR, which appears to be not only much better but also includes everything (though I hear it's tilted toward playing upper tiers). My WGR is above average, though I don't know by how much.

1) From Skil: Since Frontline is ONLY tier 8, use that to grind your horribly UP (underpowered) tanks. Read: Tiger 2. You will see nothing but tier 8s, so the thought is that you'll be very evenly matched in every battle. So far this appears to me to be true. Teamwork aside, of course … after all they are pub battles.

2) From LemmingRush: Ideally use faster tanks. Maps are huge and when an area is cleared you have to rush to get out or get to the next area ASAP. This of course goes against using the above-mentioned Tiger 2, but I'm really looking forward to that E75, and I only like my Tiger 2 when I am top tier. So meds, lights and fast TDs seem to be the best. Also, my T26E5 does pretty well. As does my Skorp G.

3) From me: Watch the big minimap when you are going to respawn. Choose which third you want to get back into, and if you're heading directly into a close-up shooting match grab that slower heavy so you can brawl (area pending — building/mountains help as opposed to a wide open field). If you're going to spawn a long way from the action, go with a faster tank so it won't take you 3 minutes just to get into view range and another 2 to get in to firing position. Bottom line: Have a variety of tier 8s ready to rumble, with different speeds and abilities.

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4) Vision, also from LR: He said in a video he uploaded yesterday that he thinks that mounting both camo and binocs is best, since the maps are so big. So far I disagree, unless I happen to be in my one currently-crewed tier 8 light (and I truly suck in lights; I just don't have the reflexes and/or I just need a lot more practice).


1) I bounce a LOT of shots. So far I have yet to fire any premium rounds in any FL battles. But even in my Tiger 2, which supposably has one of the best guns at tier 8 in the entire game and is a fantastic sniper, I bounce probably half of my shots (no exaggeration; I check every post-battle screen for just this now). Yes many are at range but not all, but still … How many of you fire premium rounds in Frontline? Some of this is better aiming on my part, and some is just the drop-off of pen at range. So I'll continue to work on those.

2) Thoughts about general personal strategy? I had by far my best FL battle yesterday, made Captain (yay), with 5K damage and probably 2K assistance (wow!!!!!!!!). I'm a smart guy, I do use my minimap a lot, as I learn my way around maps I try to figure out better and better paths and positions (which are different for each tank). But I'm still in the bottom half of my team by XP in about every battle. This very different than normal pub battles where I'm quite often top 3 or so XP. In general, anyone have any thoughts as to why this is different, aside from the obvious (large map, new map so we're all learning new routes, 30×30, FL mechanics (caps and repair areas), etc.)?

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