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How to make the most out of your christmas level discounts

WorldofTanks10 - How to make the most out of your christmas level discounts

so, since we get more than 50% discount on t2-t7 tanks, make sure to buy the most expensive vehicles to sell for maximum profit.

so you don't have to do the work yourself, here's a table for your convenience:

Tier Tank Nation Original Price Profit
II Hotchkiss H35 FR 4.200 2.100
III SU-26 RU 53.000 26.500
IV Char B1 FR 185.000 92.500
V O-I Exp JP 445.000 222.500
VI Sherman Jumbo US 975.000 292.500
VII O-NI JP 1.490.000 149.000

and if you haven't unlocked any of the tanks above, just choose one of the heavies, they are generally worth the most


rule of thumb to apply the rebate on tanks worth more than:

II – who cares, won't make much of a difference anyway

III – 45.000 credits

IV – 150.000 credits

V – 400.000 credits

VI – 925.000 credits

VII – 1.400.000 credits

and if you had trouble to find the discounts like me: click on the decoration tab and click on the button "Level Rewards" underneath the "Battle" Button. From there you can apply the discount on whatever tank you want to. If the most expensive tank you can buy is already in your garage, make sure to sell it before applying the discount. Might be that you can't sell your tank for full price with the discount applied. I haven't tried it, and I'm not going to waste credits on doing so

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