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How WG is steadily monetizing our combat xp and what are our options

WorldofTanks9 - How WG is steadily monetizing our combat xp and what are our options

I'd like to start by saying this isn't a whine post, it is an analysis post. Whining about it has no power to change this (especially when it is WG), but we we can adapt to make best use of these changes.

This post was brought on by some caculations on the boosters i have left and the lines i can grind with them; i've noticed they keep going down, without being replaced at the usual rate (through events, missions) while my crew xp boosters have been replaced at a steady rate.

Here's what i noticed :

  • marathons no longer give combat xp boosters at the rate they used to, remember the progetto 46 and caernarvon ax marathons ?; all of the sudden the su-130PM had less boosters (but it was ok because it was ok td) and then we had the EBR 75 FL 10, which not only was it much cheaper tank for the same bundle price, but it kept the rate of reduced boosters, even the credit boosters ones (and obviously no combat xp ones)
  • missions give less combat boosters overall,
  • huge increase in the ammount of xp needed for modules on lines in the past 1-2yrs (not for the obj 430 though …. for some reason)
  • ToTT changes, the last one to appear which give no combat boosters anymore, but gives crew xp boosters for the T10, overall x2 crew xp booster on games where you are top 7.

At the same time :

  • events where you get a flat combat xp bonus (5-10k)
  • 10x 5k xp combat during ToTT
  • x5 daily mission for ToTT


If you are grinding a ToTT line, it's not so bad, if you play daily, as 30x ~5k per x5 daily is about 150k (200-210k if you are good) combat xp + 50k combat xp from the missions do help you out, but what if you are not grinding a ToTT line ?; and what if you have limited time to reach t10 because of how your RL is structured.

Then you deal with diminished #'s of combat boosters, increase in module cost to insane levels (polith t8 has module cost of a t9 tank … 130k + of xp, Lynx 6×6 for instance has 109.5k xp needed for all modules and none carry over from the lower tier), and so on …

Taking all of this into account, what i suspect WG is doing is reducing the availability of combat xp, moving us more towards a daily play instead of focusing on one strict line to get to t10 asap (to increase the probability that we buy something). At the same time, as we continue to use combat boosters at the present rate, we will eventually run out (2k gold for 10x 2h 100% combat boosters, 1000 gold for 10x 1h 100% combat boosters in WG's store), and be forced to either pay for it, or adapt.

I would like to hear if you guys have noticed the same thing, is it just my imagination … and how are you guys adapting to it.

Obligatory TL:DR : read the post if you want to grind tank lines outside of the new ToTT format.

PS: Personally, i've resolved to stop using combat boosters for anything but module grinds (i grind from stock, don't use free xp), and to give up on reaching the t10 during a ToTT (i lose out on 2.5m credits in value).

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