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I quit World of Tanks after ~7 years and here’s why

WorldofTanks6 - I quit World of Tanks after ~7 years and here's why


Hey guys, this kinda sucks but today I'm officially done with WoT. I am no longer a slave to the game. 21,436 games total since mid 2012. If you read all of what I've written, congrats. I'm writing it more for me as a conclusion to this chapter in my video game life.

I loved this game, and played it for the better part of my life. I created the account in 2012 after I tried the game out at my friend's house. I still remember playing the Hetzer for the first time, and my friend telling me not to waste ammo since he couldn't spare the credits. My other friends joined as well, but stopped playing only after a year or two.

I don't remember much but I know I used to have more fun when I didn't know about XVM. Shooting into the sky, enjoying things exploding, not caring about carrying the team. All-chat was also pretty hilarious. It was more relaxing and actually enjoyable to play the game back then since I wasn't stressed about my stats. I remember being a dark red tomato shitter and wanting to improve. I downloaded XVM and made goals for myself. After years of steady improvement I hit unicum stats and I feel accomplished knowing I got to be pretty good at the game. I do somewhat regret taking the red pill since the game became way more competitive and stressful, but it was worth it I guess. Here is a funny moment from when I was in the yellow wn8 skill band trying to take on the invincible (pre nerf) AT-2:
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Compared to last year where I had one of the most fun games of my life playing with my best friend krieger.

I made a lot of friends along the way, and while some stopped playing years ago I'll cherish those memories of playing together and laughing in chat or on team speak.

The dank memes were pretty good too. I used to check this subreddit every day, laughing at the good stuff and discussing aspects of the game. The contests and community nights really made this place something special. Carving tank pumpkins, or doing creative video editing really made me happy. I had some pretty fun posts and getting featured on DezGamez for a

. I'd always wanted to have been highlighted in a famous WoT Streamer's video, and DezGamez is one of my favorites. Between that and 3 marking the Maus, that was a really good week.

Shout out to the other awesome streamers like TruVoodoo and Taugrim. Also thank you mods for being pretty cool too, and helping set up the contests. Also thank you wargaming employees who are around here for being nice and helpful.

Reasons for quitting

To be honest, playing this game felt like an addiction at points where I literally could not stop thinking about World of Tanks (although it never negatively affected my life outside of ruining my mood sometimes). After much consideration and evaluation, I hate to say that this just isn't fun anymore. I'll list the reasons below.

Tier 10 is simply not fun to play anymore. Between the HE tanks, the gold spam, and the constant all tier 10 games I just can't enjoy playing. The new match maker really ruined things too.

  • I don't need to explain my hatred for HE tanks, especially arty. Artillery ruined all the fun I had when I played. I was good enough to get focused and it's like every 30 seconds I can't do anything for 10 seconds. It is infuriating, especially for someone who cared about stats. God forbid two or all three arty focused me.

  • Gold spam itself is ok, I wish there were downsides to gold like lower alpha but I also loaded gold liberally. My contention is with HE gold spam (press 2 for instant DPM boost). Type 5, Shitbarn, Deathstar, any artillery just getting extra benefits to screw someone else up sucks. There's no counter to it, or skillful deflection of shots, gold HE just ruins everything it touches (or if it's gold arty HE it just has to land within 1/2 a kilometer and your crew dies).

  • /u/rbur70x7 said it best here, this post really got me thinking about how I felt: For me the all tier 10 tank games became frustrating, and the frustration was compounded by the aforementioned HE tanks. I enjoy being aggressive in my tanks. I would be a 'better' player if I weren't so aggressive, but it's fun to be up front brawling (well, it used to be). My play style became way out of meta with all of the HE tanks and red line campers who didn't know what the 'W' key was. There was also little variety with the all tier 10 games. Again, /u/rbur70x7 said it best.

  • I really miss the way tier 8 used to be. I haven't touched a tier 8 premium tank besides the defender or skorp g because nothing else can compete with the endless bottom tier bullshit. 3/5/7 ruined the game in my opinion. I remember a game where I was the only tier 7 tank in a tier 9 game, and the other team had 5 more tier 9's than us. I would rather play with that MM than this one since those games were so far and few between. Even the MM right before 3/5/7 was fine.

The EBR 75 marathon was the tipping point for me. The grind sucked, tier 10 sucked, and it wasn't even fun trying to play the game. I played with a friend for just three games and I could not enjoy myself in the tier 10 bullshit. I just stopped playing when the marathon began and haven't looked back since.

Miscellaneous comments

Fave 3 tanks:
Maus, Vk72.01k, and T95

I managed to keep a solo winrate of over 70% on all three of those tanks. I carried the shit out of games and enjoyed it. I guess armor turned out to be the most fun for me, although I really did like to play light tanks (1390 best light). (Honorable mentions to the E25 and AMX 1357, those were fun too).

Thank you RELIC for being an awesome clan. I made a lot of friends there and had a lot of fun with you guys. I hope this game gets better, but for now I'll just play some old school runescape and enjoy my nostalgic (actually relaxing) tedious grind.

Peace out


xoxoxo <3


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