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I went to Bovington tank museum.

WorldofTanks6 - I went to Bovington tank museum.

Holy crap, is it worth the visit! If you play wot you should plan a trip at least once in your life time. I arrived 5 minutes past opening time and staff literally had to drag me out at closing time. Plan for a full day, maybe even two if you tend to read the plaques and/or the museum is demonstrating tanks outside.

Plan your visit to be outside school holidays. We had the museum practically to ourselves. Free guided tours are scheduled throughout the day. We had three of them entirely to ourselves; 3 free private tours!

At least one of the guides was a former tanker. All of them are enthusiasts. They go nuts if you ask them a few questions that go deeper. And they have the expertise to answer them fully. Don't be a d*ck and confuse your wot smarts with actual knowledge… But at least you'll recognise the terminology.

One of the guides was a bit more quiet, until I mentioned I played wot, and then we had a 45 min conversation comparing wot Vs wt, wot Vs wows, and our favourite derp machines 😉 He gave me a code for a Russian Churchill and a day of premium, which I'm about to activate today.


Feel free to visit on tank fest of course, but the museum will be crowded and you won't have the chance to really talk to the guides.

And then there's the tanks. They have plenty of Shermans, two t-34's, all the German cats, a stug, Hetzer, a mark IV, Churchill, a few pzkw 1,2,3,4, a Churchill BP, Tortoise, lots of Centurions (really proud of Centurions, them Brits) and a few newer models like chieftain and challenger. A Mathilda is parked outside. The vehicle conservation centre is like a big barn packed with even more stuff: su-100, t-55, spare Shermans, a Panhard wheeled vehicle, and much more. In summer weekends you can take a ride on a tracked… Bus-thing.

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Oh, and no SPGs. Just the way you like it 😉

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