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Idea: Why and especially how WG should bring back non-rechargable consumables!

WorldofTanks5 - Idea: Why and especially how WG should bring back non-rechargable consumables!

Now, I do see that there were quite a few problems with the non-rechargable consumables, as there's a lot of RNG involved in whether or not the ammorack for example get's damaged. And, let's face it, but having to drive around with a damaged ammorack for the rest of the battle in the past wasn't exactly fun for anyone.

Still though, I think that having these rechargable consumables made it so that module damage barely has any effect on the battle or it's outcome anymore. How about a 1v1 clutch situation for example, where a low HP tank fights another tank that has more HP and could easily out trade it in a straight up shoot out? In the past, you as the low HP tank could play around the high possibility of the high HP tank to not have it's repair kit anymore at this state of the battle, meaning that you could for example position yourself in a way, where you could hopefully lure him into crossing a ridge and then track him as he does so, making it so that he can't return fire. Nowadays, the chances have swung the complete opposite though and it is more likely for him to still have a repair kit, than it is for him not to and that is bad I think, as the high HP tank just has to W key his way across the ridge, be somewhat fast on the repair and then the low HP tank stands no chance anymore.

That to me is dumbed down gameplay in a nutshell, as there's nothing to that, other than the HP difference. Where's the possibility to outsmart someone, to make use of experience, to be calm and collected enough to make these decisions OR to realize that you do indeed not have a repair kit anymore, which under the pressure of certain situations could very well go unnoticed and lead to critical mistakes being made?

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Now, I don't want to just go back to the old non-rechargable consumables, although they are part of what I have in mind.

  1. Make all consumables non-rechargable again and instead give them a single use, to either repair one or all modules instantly (depending on if you use small or large consumable of course)
  2. Give all modules automatic repair timers instead, just like on the tracks and make it so that the higher the importance of the module is, the higher the automatic repair timer is as well (for example: ammorack = highest timer / radio = lowest timer)
  3. The overall repair skill, the toolbox and also the large repair kit all decrease the automatic repair timer of all modules by X%
  4. Skills such as "armorer" or "safe stowage" could also contribute to decreasing the automatic repair timer of in this case the gun and the ammorack by X%, while still maintaining the original benefits as well

Take this part even more theoretical-ish and see it as an addition to the changes above: I did also think about applying said timers to the crew members as well whenever they're injured, but that their fighting capacity would gradually go up and get better again, as the timer runs lower and lower, until they're on a 100% again. You could of course still heal one or all of them with a small or large first aid kit once, while the large first aid kit would once again decrease the timer by X% and something like a spall liner could do so as well. I also thought about increasing the timer by X% actually, if one of your crew members get's injured multiple times a battle and that they'll therefore take longer to recover to a 100% again automatically.

The SPG stun mechanic would definitely have to go in order to make these changes not a complete clusterfuck I think, but then again tracking damage would get a huge buff due to the non-rechargable kits, so SPGs could definitely still assist a lot.

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TL:DR: Just read through the 4 points list and maaaaybe the section below it, if you can be bothered and are still interested in what I have to say.

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