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WorldofTanks10 - Ideas for new game modes

I have had a few ideas for game modes for WOT. I dont feel like these would be difficult at all to implement as they are just matchmaking solutions

  1. Historical Mismatching I think the reason many started this game was to play the feared Tiger 1. The infamous tank that desimated Soviet and American tanks near the end of WW2. Come to find out, its not all the great when matched against tanks its own tier. But i think it would be a load of fun to play against sherman M4s and T34s, but current matchmaking rarely allows it Solution: New mode where 1 team has 7-10 German tanks consisting of tigers, panthers, stuggs, and a light vs 15 tier 5-6 american to soviet steam rollers consisting primarly of t34s and shermans. In order to enter this game mode you must own both the German and either American or Soviet applicable tanks. This game mode would keep more expierienced players playing (and paying) longer.

  2. Multitier Mode This mode is similar to what other games do where the player has multiple vehicles in one level. A simple respawn really. The difference being for WOT, the tanks must be the same country and the playing must invoke one tank of each class of an ascending tier. Probably 4-8 tier would work best, lower tier game seem to go more quickly than higher tier ones. Tanks always start at the same point so keeping ones home base secure is a MUST, otherwise youll get camped and your game will majorly suck wieners An ammo reload point might be a good idea, though it should take at least 30 seconds to do so. Artillery must be selected as an option for the player, but only a few people are selected to play that class, otherwise multiple people might get stuck player arty at once. Or, maybe that should just be part of the game mode. Idk

  3. Gambling This is pretty straight forward as a game mode, but not necessarily in the law. While wagering silver is a no brainer because its a secondary purchase, gold might be a little different because it is directly transferable from fiat currency to wot gold. I dont think it would be an issue because one cant tranfer wot gold BACK to fiat. Doing an age verification to enter this mode might not be a bad idea

The matching making it simple. Select your tank and place the agreed upon wager. You could have a variable wager like 1-5 gold or 10,000 to 1,000,000 silver, but then wot would have to not only matchmake based on tank AND wager, but also distribute rewards based on input.

Tell me what you think.

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