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I’m quitting the game.

WorldofTanks1 - I'm quitting the game.

That's it folks. On this monumental date in history hint,I quit this game. This post is not like the other "I quit" posts out there hint number two. Far from it. In fact, I bring you the facts, I put on my red baseball cap and will call out the fake news. I wil sing you the gospel of truth.

I can't take it anymore. I too will join the ranks of people who will give WG no more money, I will burden their servers no longer. My account, bless it's 18k battles, is no more. It has ceased to be. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. This is an ex-account. It's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible.

Why, do you ask?

I'll tell you why.

I can't take this feeling anymore.

Once upon a time, I was a hopeful F2P player, pining for the days I could own the legendary Tiger or Maus. Slaving away in my lower tiers, gaining pitiful experience per game. Once I had the next tier unlocked, I was forced to play low tier games (bless my christmas gift tanks like the BT7 art, without you I would have never made it). I slaved and slaved, learned, studied armour models. The game "clicked" when I started sidescraping all the tanks, including tanks with 20mm of side armour. Oh, how stupid I was.

Months, years of my life spent this way. I learned to appreciate the M4 derpman, I learned to master the Luchs hit-and-run, I three-marked the ELC when it still had a tier 7 gun. I, as the saying goes, got gud. I had fun.

I bought my first tier 5 premium tank then as well. Credits were suddenly easier to come by. Fun was had triple platooning the Churchill III. We hosed down enemy tanks faster than a bus full of bukkake affectionados could hose down mrs. Grey. Still, the game was a hard master. Many, many low tier games were required for the privilege of playing a tier 8 or 9 tank. Free XP was so scarce, it might as well have been bonds. Grinding the top gun on the T-54, I remember, took days.

After a while, I got a first tier 8 premium. Yadda yadda. I could keep on ranting, but the game hit it's stride here. The golden years.

However, LOOK AT THE STATE OF THE GAME NOW. I spent money on the game TWICE afterward, during Christmas events. And after that, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PLAY THE GAME NOW??????


I have premium account from christmas and the 2 free weeks. Five missions per day for extra xp on good battles. I got the x5 multiplier missions. I got heaps of free xp. 70.000 gold. I got crew books, booklets, dictionaries. I got so many blueprints I've been accused of wiping my ass with them. I got the freebies you get from tank rewards, from twitch, from the game even. Now, I have a chance of getting the TOGGO I finally wanted, free camo, they even added KITTEH CAT camo to the game.

So, there's the reason folks. The game is too easy. I can blast through a shitty high tier tank in 20 games because of all these bonuses, or even choose to not play this tank at all because of blueprints. The shitty grinds are much, much easier now, even for dedicated F2P players. Anybody with time has the chance at getting a tier 8 premium. I feel passed, left in the dust, my toil and hard work undone by new accounts getting multiple free premium tanks. I feel passed by the two weeks of premium everyone got, and rightfully so it was complained about on this forum. Why would WG do that, other than being selfless dicks? Surely it was to make more money! Surely all it was is a ruse to somehow steal our brains and make us spend more money. Surely the premium time would suddenly run out when Frontlines began again. I have become paranoid, seeing evil motivations behind every move WG makes.

I feel passed by the news that arty will become less and less relevant in the future. I feel passed that they listened and are nerfing wheelies. I want my game to be hard! I want to fight an unhittable EBR in my stock tier 8! I feel passed by the fact that most recent premiums and t9 reward tanks seem to be balanced, instead of the nostalgic terrible or so-OP-it-hurts-my-pooper.

So, that's my rant. I will log off now, and I'll only be seen on the
obviousidiots - I'm quitting the game.

r/obviousidiots subreddit from now on. Or perhaps on
r/thisisajoke. Goodbye.

This post is an obvious sneer at all the "I quit" posts I see weekly here. Haters gonna hate, but it's dumb. The game is in a better state then it EVER was, both for paying customers and for the F2P folk. This game is slowly becoming the awesome thing it's meant to be. WG isn't there yet, but I'm kinda hopeful. Happy April Fools everyone!

Edit: I literally added two hints in the first paragraph for clarity. Ain't nobody gonna steal mah upvotes.

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