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In the 1-2 years i felt that i was forced to play instead of enjoying it

WorldofTanks10 - In the 1-2 years i felt that i was forced to play instead of enjoying it

So i play wot since 2014, i have 15k battles, 28 years with a social life also, with work life. In the early years i really enjoyed this game, i was so eager to get free time to just play wot, it was my only single game installed on my pc because i didn't felt the need to play other games.

And then the downfall started introducing the big nonsense sci-fi japanese super heavy's, then the power creep with premium tanks, the game felt more and more pay2win, my old T34 suddenly felt so obsolete that i hated playing it. I bought other newer premium tanks, but the feel of emptiness was continuous. Then the stun mechanic from arty when there are 3 artys you are preetty much perma stunned, then the welled vehicles, then the double barrel tanks. The game has more than 10 core gameplay balancing issues. Ohhh and the RNG and MM, i don't even want to get started with them, sometimes the battles just feel rigged. And that's the reason why most players in wot are raging toxic in chat because the gameplay itself it's a mess.

The best times in wot i remember was when the Swedish tanks where added, i was so excited and then the graphical update from v1.0, it was the reason to upgrade my pc, also the first year when Frontline was introduced was so enjoyable, now it's very toxic because it's very easy to get rushed by the new cart tanks and clicked to death by the arty strikes.


The gameplay itself is the recent 2 years has became so toxic that most of the times i just rage quit and open other game. Games are meant to relax right? maybe i don't have patience anymore due to my age.

For example i play other games like Nfs Heat, The crew 2, Fallout 4/76, Kingdome Come Deliverance, Age of Empires HD, The Witcher 3 and these games are really relaxing, you don't feel that rage in almost every 30 minutes like i feel in WoT. Some of them have some a lot of bugs and i must give credit to wargaming that wot is pretty much bug free, but it doesn't make the gameplay much better.

In my opinion the newer events with crazy grind and rewards make the game feel more trashy, why? because it takes away that pleasure of playing in order to make that grind to get the rewards. That's not a healthy way to keep the players playing the game.

If you care about my stats, i am an average joe with 1,326.6 wn8, but keep in mind that i shoot 99% standard ammo, sometimes i waste time aiming at the weak spots while better players penetrate me easily with their 2 key skill.

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