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Increase Fines for Team Damage, Team Kills & Assisting the Enemy, Team Damage Karma?

WorldofTanks9 - Increase Fines for Team Damage, Team Kills & Assisting the Enemy, Team Damage Karma?

WG "tries" to reduce toxicity in Ranked battles by proposing the removal of Team Damage, while simultaneously introducing a XP penalty for stunning allies so that SPGs are not indiscriminately firing close or into brawls that involve enemies and allies in close proximity. This will start rolling out 2-3 Ranked Seasons down the road and whatnot.

I think this is too limited in scope and too far out.

First of all, I think Team Damage adds meaninful complexity to the game and prevents

WGs original idea for controlling team damage, was to fine those that do it. The issue is, the fine was and is too small. "Some" credits, with the fines often barely surpassing the potential benefit if that same shot into an enemy being successful. I mean, if the "fine" is 1/10th of the potential successful hit, I can risk it 9-10 times and just break even at the end, a "gamble" most people would take.

Should be the other way around:

  • Team-damage fine being a harsh deterrent, taking a meaningful toll in credits, but also XP. Be it 3x what it is now or 10x what it is now, I don't know, but it should be much harsher.
  • The penalty should be linked to the % of HP the ally loses, not just absolute HP. Scraping an ally with an auto-cannon or ramming a vehicle for 15hp as we try to move out of the spawn area should not be the same as derping him/her to oblivion with a large caliber shell.
  • this should be extended to what would count as assist damage to the enemy, i.e. all damage received when tracked/immobilized or stunned by ally fire, should count against the ally that caused that, and the cost in credits and XP should skyrocket if that "mistake" was to lead to the destruction of the vehicle.
  • dare I say even if it is a few seconds past the stun/tracking event per se, because an ally being responsive enough to repair his/her tracks or use his/her med-kit to remove stun effects, doesn't mean the person who team-fired on him did not meaningfully disrupt and/or penalize the outcome of that play. E.g. LT dies couple of seconds after you've stunned/tracked or shot it in the back "chancing" it (i.e. you meaningfully undermined and/or damaged your teammate), you should pay for it. Even if it was unintentional.
  • And not to focus this against SPGs, I detest the a-holes that TK SPGs in my team, or anyone "because he/she was in my black-list". They want to make a point? Cool, as long as they get to pay for it dearly. Team damage in the beginning of the game and especially team-killing in the beginning of the game should be dealt with even harsher.
  • Perhaps introduce a T-Karma statistic for repeat offenders with a long cooldown period, perhaps linked to the "Battle Buddy" medal (do not cause any damage to allies for 50 battles). Low Karma = proven repeat offender = pay attention or bleed credits & forget XP progress and/or campaign mission progress etc.
  • Finally, although reparations should be made for those being directly screwed by Team Damage / Killing, it should not be to the full extent to the fine for the offender, to discourage people screening enemies/blocking allied shots intentionally, baiting to be team-damaged, abusing the system to make a bank. That is not the point.

Just some thoughts.

EDIT: while at it (because I see you cannot wait before jumping on this WG), make team-ramming damage that does not end up killing an ally, not to count towards any penalty for a # of seconds after an ally hits the "Help / F7" on coms, so that allies that take the time to help overturned vehicles to increase the team's chances and/or just being good Samaritans, don't end up being screwed by the system.

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