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Is there a problem with high tier premium tanks?

WorldofTanks8 - Is there a problem with high tier premium tanks?

There are some premium tanks considered "good", or at least famous. Scorpion G or Defender are such a tanks. Every time they appear in store, there are lots of them in battles too. Nothing unusual. But what I noticed, they are usually played badly. But badly I not only mean owners don't use full tank potential, but they even do harm for own team, almost like being AFK. Examples: Defenders going YOLO, probably thinking they are impenetrable or Scorpions playing too cautious, at the back, not helping the rest of the team, problaby because they have no range of fire. They often behave like don't have sixth sense, maxed out camo, full view range etc.

Problably the reason for this situation is that they are bought by people, who want a "good" tank, but they are new to the game, and played only on lower tiers. Already seen the people with 2-3 VIII tier prems and V or VI tier being next highest tier. They don't know high tier tanks they weak and strong sides, don't have a trained crew, don't understand higher tier gameplay. They became easy target for more experienced players. They don't get high score, so they are missing the point – they don't really get more experience or money. At least not as much as they should.


I guess this situation can be frustrating to anybody – teammates have weak tanks/playsers as allies, people who bought "good" prem tanks can feel disappointed with their performance, or even with the game itself ("if this is a good tank, how bad must be the other?").

I think there might be a solution to this: limit max tier of the premium tank one can buy to one tier higher than already possesed tank (of given type). So in order to buy VIII TD one needs to have at least VII TD in the garage. Such a change may not even huge impact on WG's income, as on the one hand VIII prems sales will drop, but on the other lower tier prems sales can increase.

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