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It finally happened (continued)

WorldofTanks5 - It finally happened (continued)

What happened:

LELyUIB - It finally happened (continued)


Apparently this is s*xual according to WG:

El0Ic3z - It finally happened (continued)


Random players that I do not know PM-ing me across different platforms and ingame. Example:

6rIqMbM - It finally happened (continued)


Original topic got quickly locked, lots of disagreeing players:

#topmost - It finally happened (continued)


Note to you: Only continue reading this post if you don't mind a wall of text. I also censored some words (just in case) for Reddit.


Some potential issues with WG’s naming policy:

  1. It is inconsistent. Some inappropriate names are still around while others get punished due to how slow it is for them to get around to banning people not to mention inconsistent opinions between WG employees and wrongful enforcement of their policy (I will explain further down below).
  2. If you google the name combination Squirting Elephant, nothing inappropriate appears, not even with safe search turned off, so why should my name get me a ban?
  3. Squirt guns are sold to kids which contains the name “Squ*rt”. That doesn’t mean we should ban the toys out of stores, just because it can give people dirty thoughts. This is very offensive according to WG and will give some WG employees very dirty thoughts: (yes really I'm not joking).
  4. A reason that was given to me by WG for the punishment was that they don’t have a lot of resources to allocate to (un)banning people as well as support tickets. This would explain why a WG employee just punishes for the word “Squ*rt” w/o further explanation other than “makes me think of a woman that is squ*rting”. On top of that I was more or less indirectly told by WG that this lack of resources is also the reason for them not to really look into reverting the punishments. Unjust or not…
  5. They should have more words restricted during the naming of your account, instead of having it be done by people, so that it will be consistently fair, and not ban people after they spend all that time and money on the game. This also gave me the indication that this word “Squ*rting” was okay to use because it was not restricted.
  6. If we are going to ban names just because it can give dirty thoughts to kids (but not because the name is dirty), they might as well ban everyone, because regardless of what you thought of your own name, people can make dirty thoughts out of them. "Dragon" could be dirty if placed in the wrong context. Do we also ban every player with a tripple x in their name? Ex. XXX_BigBlackDragon_XXX? (Answer: no they don't)
  7. WG has to restrict & punish players for 'bad names' because they have to comply with their PEGI 7 rating (at least so I was told by WG). But the ingame chat is often filled with insults about our mothers and how noob we are. The system that should protect (among others) kids from this feels mostly just for appearances to comply with PEGI 7 when seeing the amount of insults, especially for losing teams. There are 14 teammates each battle so even a very low % toxicity will still create several insults every hour.
  8. I provided a normal context to the word “Squ*rt” and thereby removed any sexual references.
  9. The ESRB (american rating agency) is 13+ while the PEGI rating (for the exact same game!) is rated PEGI 7. Apparently (not 100% sure) as long as WG makes some sort of effort (does not have to be a good one) to limit this, they can keep their low rating. Even if those efforts are mostly for appearances.
  10. I have been using this name in quite some games and it was always okay. WG is the first (and probably the last) company that relates this to something s*xual and even goes as far as banning and forced renaming.


The events a bit more into detail

I was forced to rename and was told that the combination of words for a playername does not matter (because otherwise Squ*rting Elephant would be allowed). I find a new name that uses this combination-does-not-matter-rule + the approved words from support to create the name JaculatingEr*ticElephant (er*tic = allowed somehow) and I just got force-renamed again (no surprise though). According to WG staff this was done because the combination of words matter… WAIT WHAT? I do not need to explain anything further here. /MASSIVE_FACEPALM


I took this new name mainly to proof a problem in the policy. Because either my old name or my new name is bad, but not both. And names like "Strok*ngTheDolphin" are okay according to customer support (no I'm not joking) as well as various s*x positions (yeap, just not the common ones) and even certain other names that are directly related to s*xual content. But a Squ*rting Elephant, that is so dirty because it makes the WG employee think of a squ*rting woman (yes they told me literally this).


Regarding rating agencies

I contacted the PEGI rating agency to ask them to what level a company like WG is supposed to enforce their PEGI 7 rating. The PEGI agency did not want to comment and referred me back to WG for an explanation… They also did not want to explain their PEGI-rating-process and to what extend companies must enforce this and nowhere on the internet could I find it with detail. It’s mostly behind closed doors, which to me makes the ratings pointless because how can consumers be sure that these ratings are correct and how can chat & player-behavior be tested for a PEGI of 7 then (hint: it cannot)? WG’s chat filter does not even filter out common insults not to mention people who have certain 'bad intentions' for kids.


Is this whole ESRB & PEGI rating not a relic of the past? Why are (Indie) game developers forced to go through it and pay roughly 300-1000$ per platform for it?
How paying for content ratings is hurting devs who release in Europe - It finally happened (continued)

Not to mention that 90% of children ages 8-16 have seen online pornography. Nowadays they walk with smartphones across schoolyards from a very young age (which are almost never protected/rated at all). And then on top of it every rating agency can apply a rather different age rating to the exact same game (The ESRB rated it 13+, PEGI rated it 7) and the rating is often ignored anyway.

How can you rate a game 7+ when there are occasional treats/swearing/insults/etc. in ingame chat? Shouldn’t chat & player names simply be removed for players younger than 18? Shouldn't this always be (at least) 13+?

From what I read, most players are quite fed-up with those childish rating-enforcement's ingame where we are expected to act like adults.


My conclusion:

  1. WG does not allocate enough resources to ensure punishments with rightness and the reversals of it.
  2. I wonder how correct/informative and important the ESRB/PEGI rating agencies really are. I think they should be removed since they (imo) cannot be trusted and are not transparent enough not to mention crippling to low-budget Indie devs. The rating-'protection' itself is also mostly for appearances since kids have so many ways now to be exposed to adult content.
  3. I believe that my old name was not violating any PEGI ratings whatsoever and that this was a bad excuse from WG. I still believe that it was unjust.
  4. A rather big inconsistency between rating agencies as well as between WG employees.
  5. The vast majority of players seem to agree with the naming policies being unfair, inconsistent and outright childish.
  6. World of Tanks is literally & officially a kids game (at least in the EU) about tanks blowing each other up and injuring (you can also kill btw but it is hard) crew-members for sports.


A fair note: Not everybody at WG actually agrees that punishing my old name was unjust. Not everybody at WG thinks like that. Thank god.


My questions to you:

  • What are your thoughts about this?
  • Does anybody have the details about this ESRB & PEGI stuff?
  • I need a new name, again… Someone give me a good one 🙂

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